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Dragon Nation Film Co., Hong Kong

Lung Gwok Yau Haan Gung Shut
Dragon Nation Film Co. Hong Kong
  The Heroic Tribe (Part 1) (1966)
  The Heroic Tribe (Part 2) (1966)
  Golden Skeleton (1967)
  The Eight Bandits (1968)
  The King's Sword (1968)
  Golden Sword Killer (1968)
  The Mask Heroine (1969)
  Thunderstorm Sword (1970)
  Thirty-Six Sword Guards (1970)
  Spring Comes Again (1976)
  Kung Fu Attraction (1978)
  Showdown at the Equator (1978)
  Against Rascals with Kung Fu (1979)
  An Old Kung Fu Master (1981)