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Chien Hwa Film Co. Ltd.

  In the Sea of Life En'isled (1948)
  Lovers of Spite (1948)
  Kiss Me Again, My Love (1950)
  The Tiger's Den (1951)
  The Heroine Teases Jin Long, the Hero (1962)
  The International Gold Bar Incident (1968)
  Love Eternal (1968)
  The Salt Paddy Girls (1968)
  The Lantern Street (1977)
  Male and Female Experimental Class (1981)
  Shyly Joker (1985)
  Spirit Vs Zombi (1988)
  Spiritual Princeling (1988)
  Goodbye My Friend (1988)
  Da Pi Guan (1989)
  Touching Breast Alley (1987)