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่€้ทน็š„ๅŠ (1984)
The Supreme Swordsman

Ku Feng

Derek Yee Tung-Sing

Jason Pai Piao

Ku Feng

Yuen Wah

Wang Yong (7)

Margaret Lee Din-Long

Lee Hoi-Sang

Kong Chuen (3)

Wong Chi-Ming

Wong Chi-Ming

Ling Yun (2)

Kwan Fung

Jamie Luk Kim-Ming

Austin Wai Tin-Chi

Lung Tien-Hsiang

Ching Miao

Wong Lik

Eva Lai Yin-Shan

Shum Lo

Yuen Bun

Chan Siu-Kai

Huang Pei-Chih

Ng Yuen-Fan

Pan Yung-Sheng

Chui Fat

Fung Ming

Tony Lee Wan-Miu

Tang Tak-Cheung

Lee Hang (3)

Kong Chuen (3)

Cheung Chok-Chow

Unknown SB-Actor (13)

To Wing-Leung