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我老婆唔夠秤 (2002)
My Wife Is 18

Reviewed by: JohnR
Date: 09/12/2004
Summary: A decent movie, believe it or not.

Romance comedy with Ekin Cheng playing Cheung, a 30-year-old nurd trying to complete his Masters Degree at a university in London through a thesis on woman, a subject he knows next to nothing about. Which is why his thesis is repeatedly failed by a 3-woman panel of judges.

His dying grandmother arranges a marriage with an 18-year-old, Ma Yo Yo (Charlene Choi), He decides to go through with it, with the stipulation that Yo Yo sign a contract agreeing to divorce after one year, because it will enable him to study women up close and personal. But not too personal, this is to be strictly a paper marriage. Apparently on a whim, Yo Yo agrees.

Just to make sure they have sufficient time on-screen together, the writer (a) has Cheung move in with Yo Yo back in Hong Kong (it's never explained how an 18-year-old girl can afford an apartment of her own or why she wouldn't be boarding, since the school she attends is run by nuns - or at least one nun) and (b) gives Cheung a teaching job in Yo Yo's school.

Throw in sub-plots involving a school-boy with unrequited love for Yo Yo, fellow teachers of all sexes having unrequited love for Cheung, and Yo Yo's unrequited love for a kid her age whose only attribute is an ability to shoot baskets well (we're not given a look at his dribbling ability). The long and short of it is that Cheung and Yo Yo learn about love.

It all sounds trite, and for the most part it is. But it actually isn't half bad. Ekin does a commendable job portraying Cheung, a very simple guy with good intentions; he plays him straight up and makes him a likable guy. There's not a trace of lechery; this is not a Wong Jing movie. Charlene Choi mostly annoyed me when I first watched it; the director had her exaggerate the child side of Yo Yo, the seeming 18-going-on-13 woman-child. But watching a second time the woman side came through more and I have to say she does a credible job. Yo Yo wears her immaturity as a mask; she's actually adept when it comes to human relations, whether it be with her fellow students, Cheung, or her teachers.

You won't mistake this for a classic romance, there's not enough depth or credibility to the situations, but it does have it's charm. You may lose all respect for yourself for it, but you'll have a difficult time taking your eyes off charismatic Charlene Choi. I'd recommend it for mid-week viewing.

Reviewed by: carrot car
Date: 03/08/2003
Summary: good movie!

Mr. Powder and Mr. Sydney have missed the point completely. The star of the movie is Charlene. Ekin is on his way of of the door, while Charlene is just stepping in. I loved the opening where she was doing the funny faces to the camera. The film screams hong kong new generation pop culture which is what gives it it's interest. They should have took Ekin out and put in Tony Leung if they could afford him.. :) 8 of 10 Stars.

Reviewed by: reelcool
Date: 02/24/2003
Summary: You guys wish

This movie is for every guy who wish they could get a young babe, but couldn't. Sure you can talk about a lot of things, like, "i dunno". Charlene's character was annoying, and Ekin in real life, probably could get a young babe if he wanted. This movie is ok, but I wish it was funny.

Reviewed by: powdermunkey
Date: 01/25/2003
Summary: Ackk......

"What script!" screams my brain, I can't believe they let this one through, one wonders what exactly encourages those involved with this movie to actually create such massive crapness.
Before the nightmare, I was quite prepared to watch a nice little comedy with nice little moments that would overall give me a nice warm fuzzy feeling. With the writing couple of James Yuen and Hing Ka Yuen, with James directing I was looking forward to something worth my 2hrs of life on earth. I enjoyed James Yuen previous outting "Every Dog Has His Date" quite alot, it had its moments, it had a nice-ish story that was bearable if not impossible, with addition to the magical scribe of Hing Ka Yuen who's worked his fine magic over such miracles like La Brassiere(a evolution in comedy when compared to this) and A Better Tomorrow(What can I say aye?).
What comes out the pipeline is one large warm piece of crap, Charlene Choi cannot hold an emotion with her face if her life depended on it, sure.. she might have to pretend to be a married teenager throughout the movie, but heck, she can't even pretend! Ekin does what he can with his role, ya can't blame him for such a lame story that is laid before him. The story is... its not a story, just stupid moments that are connected by even more stupid moments. I'm not gonna summarise what happens, cos theres not alot that happens thats worth repeating. Please, give this a miss, it is not worth watching, rentin, buyin, downloadin, touchin, talkin etc etc etc.

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 12/05/2002
Summary: Ok -ish

Ekin wants to make his grandma happy so he marries...........a 18 year old girl!! The other so called plot is Ekin who is doing a thesis on Woman. He fails is first thesis (so he can't graduate from his masters) and marrying will give him the perfect inspiration for his second attempt.

What happens after that, he stays with the girl and then becomes her school teacher.

A mini love triangle happens and a few funny moments occur. Nothing new here but i can't stand what happens at the end. I find it too unbelieveable what happens at the end (SPOILER because of the age difference) but some men can dream...........