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滾滾紅唇 (1992)
Red Lips

Reviewed by: Tonic
Date: 04/12/2006


Whilst watching this film, at least twice I said out aloud to myself "Good god I'm going to die of boredom".

This film is basically three different stories and I am actually struggling to see how they linked together. Oh that's right, they didn't.

Strictly for Kara Hui / Dick Wei / Phillip Ko completists, if you must get hold of this film just watch their respective fights, fast forward the rest.

The thread with the gambler living off the two hostesses could have produced something interesting, but it is just left at a loan shark roughing him up wanting his money 'before the end of the day', but we never see anymore of this.

The universe VCD has only a mandarin language track (though it is subtitled) and is clearly a VHS transfer - there's a line in the middle of the bottom border and it generally looks like a VHS tape.