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赤子拳王 (2004)
Boxer's Story

Reviewed by: leepifer
Date: 08/19/2007
Summary: Biao's back ? ...Not really !

This movie allowed Biao's come back in HK but production values aren't enoughr to give a real credit to the film.
It is not really a cinema movie but it seems more of a clean TV product.
The ambient is weak, let's tell it, it is a minor film made by a brunch of friends.
Biao is an ex-boxer but has to fight again if he wants to be able to live with his son.
Hard to live with a so-light scenario but big and cool actors presence save the product.
First, Yuen Biao is a credible father and has some interiors feelings well expressed.Oh, and he can fight on a ring...
Tsang,Suet,Kar-lok seem less convinced but do what they can.
We clearly feel a friendship trough the movie but the lack of rythm and ideas give the film a too slow pace to be excited by.
The fight/boxing scenes are good, simple but well done, Kar-lok and Biao has done a good work.Biao plays well this old boxer who suffers on the ring.Here, there aren't no triple flips or kung fu tricks, just a low-class fight with sweat and blood, with pain but no gain.
As i said, you can consider this film as a good TV-movie but no more.
If you like Yuen Biao, watch it once but don't expect too much.

Reviewer Score: 3