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機動部隊絕路 (2008)
Tactical Unit - No Way Out

Reviewed by: Beat TG
Date: 12/29/2009
Summary: The best movie of the series

I was very surprised and relieved to know that TACTICAL UNIT: NO WAY OUT was better than I expected (I kind of had big expectations actually but I didn't take them to for granted). Now after seeing this, it's totally clear to me that the makers were reaching for something more broader, humanized and deep. Though the themes of brotherhood, trust, law (upholding and breaking them) is there, the TACTICAL UNIT series goes for morals and own rules of the individuals; showing us that individuals aren't the same as everyone, and the ugly side of both crime enforcers and criminals.

And in that aspect, things really starts to show the goods stuff. Each of the movies show something new and unique about law enforcement and crime. THE CODE was about emotional state on cops, HUMAN NATURE the guilt cops have on and off duty, PARTNERS the treatment of suspected immigrants for translate information on crime, and COMRADES IN ARMS the colliding of different units of cops and their trouble with each other. With NO WAY OUT, the theme is centered on mistakes cops make when they treat suspects. As this was directed by Lawrence Lau (known to make heavily involving and compelling movies about problems in society), you'll be treated to 88 min of spectacular, raw and emotional storytelling as the main character (played by Derek Tsang) has to go through the worst caused by the cops and criminals to survive and take care of a loved one. Really heavy stuff.

One thing I felt was very cruel and immoral was how the cops took advantage of the main character way too much and were portrayed as ignorant and uncompassionated individuals while they still had to stick to their rules and take emotions into account as they are doing their job. I think that gave them almost no humanity and character until everything ended and, while I guess that's the point after all, maybe toning it down a bit would've been better. Even the criminals (though it's more easy to depict them as soulless and ignorant characters) had very little to play with in terms of emotions and character. But aside this nitpick, I'm very impressed and intrigued by Lawrence Law's effort of making this movie.

Reviewer Score: 9

Reviewed by: ekisha
Date: 10/12/2009
Summary: The Best in the series

I agree with Beat TG about Tactical Unit: No Way Out. I didn't imagine Derek Tsang would play his role with tons of emotions. The actress who plays his girlfriend amazed me, cause didn't spoil anything but gave a solid performance what many new actresses can't do. In dramatic aspects No Way Out is the best in the Tactical Unit series.

Reviewer Score: 10