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萬箭穿心 (1971)
The Oath of Death

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 09/10/2006
Summary: Hmmm

This reminds me of the movie THE BLOOD BROTHERS,
as 3 brothers go out to do good but one turns evil and has to kill the other 2............

The ending, is a bit over the top!! Lo Lieh training himself, but also training SPOILER to jump around on one leg is just crazy!! It feels like the end fight doesnt fit in with the rest of the movie.It's just over the top and if you see this, u will know why!!

Nothing special here, another SB movie that was cranked out looking like other SB movies

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 03/29/2002

This movie may have been the foundation for Chang Cheh's BLOOD BROTHERS. The story is about three rebel swordsmen: Chin Liang (Lo Lieh), Hsiang Tu Pu (Frankie Wei Hung), Ma Ching Ping (Tien Feng), who swear an oath to be sworn brothers through thick and thin. One of the sworn brothers, Ma Ching Ping, takes a job as Commander of the Tartar forces. He later summons his two brothers, Tu Pu and Chin Liang to join him. Little do the two know or imagine that their sworn brother, Ma Ching Ping, is now supposed to kill them on behalf of a Tartar Prince! Like Blood Brothers, a pretty woman (played by Ling Ling) is the fall of one brother (Wei Hung) and the object of another brother's eye (Tien Feng). Chin Liang must avenge the death of his brother, Tu Pu, but it'll be hard. After several failed attempts to kill Ma Ching Ping, the injured Chin Liang goes into hiding to recuperate and train for his showdown with Brother Ma. Chin Liang's training includes burning his hands and punching the hell out of tree so that he can master the iron palm. He also burns his tongue and disfigures his face so that he can enter Ma Ching Ping's place without anybody recognizing him. Will all the self-torturing to himself pay off for Chin Liang? I thought it was unnecessary, but I guess the end justified the means.