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蕩寇灘 (1972)
The Bloody Fists

Reviewed by: MasterArts
Date: 03/07/2002
Summary: Wow, 1972!

Man, this movie is old. But, don't let the date fool you. Yuen Woo Ping was far ahead of his time in choreography. I seen worst fight scenes made today. Chen Sing, what a character. For some reason he looks way more faster in this 1972 movie than his 80's movies. This is by far the best performance I seen him in. Not his best movie, but his best performance. But everything else about this movie is 1972. Dry story line about Japanese karate men taking over schools in a small village with a fugitive coming to the rescue. The picture quality is also faded and grainy. Even has a soap opera song that matches the period. Chen Kuan Tai plays almost a mute all the way. But, he was one of the Japanese. Very powerful fight with him and Sing in the end. A little longwinded, but hey, it adds more to the fight time. That's what people paid money to see in 1972.