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的士大佬 (1975)
The Taxi Driver

Reviewed by: sharkeysbar
Date: 05/07/2006
Summary: Don't mess with taxi drivers

This 1975 film is a great story, well acted (mostly), thoroughly predictable and definitely enjoyable. It stars David Chiang, as the taxi river, a young guy just trying to get by yet he seems to be wise far beyond his age. The script is very good, and at a couple of places it takes a twist.
He lives the hard life of a working driver in Hong Kong and he has to do what the police can't, ie., catch the bank robbers and get himself off the hook.
This film had a gritty quality to me, which was much in line with the impression that Pao Hsueh Li was trying for, the mean city, the tough etc etc. He highlights some of the problems that HK experienced back in the mid 1970s, with overcrowding and the social problems of that period.
I wondered if this film could be as good as I'd been led to believe, and I can answer whole-heartedly yes, it is great! Well worth watching and I will be rewatching before too long.
One weird thing I noticed, the taxi company is called Blue taxis, yet there was not one blue taxi in the whole film.....

Reviewer Score: 8