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溫拿與教授 (1976)
Gonna Get You

Reviewed by: ororama
Date: 03/16/2019

Gonna Get You is a musical comedy starring Wynners, a rock group which included among its members Kenny Bee, Alan Tam and Anthony Chan. It shows the influence of the Beatles' films, with particular scenes that seem inspired by A Hard Day's Night, but the plot, which involves smugglers trying to use the band's guitars to transport drugs, is closer to the absurd spy machinations of Help! The band plays a number of their songs in Cantonese and in English. It is a movie that fans of Wynners are likely to enjoy because of its frequent musical numbers, but for non-fans it offers only loosely plotted comedy with limited entertainment value.

Reviewed by: cpardo
Date: 11/26/2005
Summary: 2nd Wynners movie

Popular HK rock group the Wynners play themselves in this Golden Harvest production. They plan to go to America to play a gig. The local druglord decides he wants to use the opportunity to smuggle some heroin, so he switches their instruments with ones filled with drugs. Unfortunately the Wynners have to cancel their gig, so now the druglord has to get back the laced instruments, creating a cat and mouse game with the boss's thugs, police and the Wynners themselves. This movie is only so-so and doesn't have much energy--action or comedy-wise. It's filmed straightforward and is kind of corny. But it's cool to see these future stars in their Wynners days with the groovy stage outfits, plus the catchy songs. Actually the best part of the movie is the opening sequence where they sing the title song (in English) and point up the credits. And it is kind of funny they show each band member with their own quirks and hobbies, Ah Lun likes soccer, another likes animals, Ah Yau likes sleeping etc. For a more entertaining film with the Wynners, see their third film "Making It."

Reviewer Score: 5