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邪鬥邪 (1980)
Hex Versus Witchcraft

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 04/25/2009
Summary: Completely unrelated and inferior to Hex...

Down on his luck Cai (James Yi) takes odd jobs to supplement his gambling problem, but he never seems to win at anything. When the money he owes to a local gangster (Chan Shen) gets too much to handle, he offers up a night with his gorgeous wife (Jenny Leung) as payment. Of course things don't work out as planned and Cai is forced to make a decision. Pay up or kill yourself, thus avoiding a more painful death at the hands of the gang. Cai chooses the latter, but a freak occurrence saves his life and he finds a bag full of gold jewelry in an alleyway. It turns out to be the possessions of a girl that has recently been kidnapped, raped and murdered. Her father (Yeung Chi-Hing) locates Cui and offers him another grim choice. Give back the jewelry or marry the spirit of his daughter so she can rest in peace. Given that the marriage includes a nice flat to live in, Cui chooses marriage and supposed comedy ensues. Lothario Cui is kept faithful by the spirit possessing different people in order to constantly harass him. When he is finally whipped into shape, the spirit takes pity and decides to help him solve his money issues with a trip to the casino.

I went into this movie hoping to see a good follow up to his original Hex from director Gwai Chi-Hung. Unfortunately, he went in a completely different direction and made a terrible ghost comedy instead. After seeing him for the first time in "The Crazy Instructor," I wondered how James Yi ever became popular enough to be the lead in a movie. I'm still wondering this after seeing him in Hex Versus Witchcraft. Yi has to be one of the most unappealing actors I've seen on screen and always seems to be whining and complaining about one thing or another throughout the film. By the first 15 minutes I was actually hoping that his character would succeed in his suicide and another role would assume the lead. It would be one thing it the comedy was funny, but it veers towards potty-humor and cheap laughs right from the start. The only part of the film that maintained any sort of interest from me was the final scene in the casino where the spirit possesses Yi and he does battle with Shirley Yu as a ghost-battling table dealer. Other than that (and a fully nude Jenny Leung) there is absolutely nothing to recommend this film. A poor effort meant to capitalize on the name and reputation of the original and far superior Hex.


Reviewer Score: 2