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行錯姻緣路 (1984)
Wrong Wedding Trail

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 10/12/2001
Summary: Will they or won't they ?

Another half-and-half romantic comedy from HK. The first half rambles and lacks focus, but things start to gel around the 40 minute mark, when the story zeroes in largely on Deannie Yip and Kent Cheng, as the two people very awkwardly navigating towards each other. They make an engaging double act, and Deannie does a particularly good job of the 30-something single woman nervous of being always so.

There is a fine support cast, but they manage to make almost no impression upon proceedings. I think this is mainly due to shortfalls in Clarence Ford's direction and perhaps the script as well.

Far too much of this film is a waste, but most of the second half is very watchable.

Reviewer Score: 4