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機密檔案之致命誘惑 (1994)
Rock on Fire

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/24/2000
Summary: Entertaining & stylish nonsense.

The single outstanding feature of this film is that it's great to look at. For that reason, it reminds me of A Taste OF Killing & Romance.
Right from the opening scene, the visuals are beautifully done, and everyone looks great.
But none more so than Mikie Ng. Wow, what a babe ! She gives even Shu Kei serious competition here, and also provides the bulk of the nudity. If this film was intended as a vehicle for her, it worked. The remainder of the nudity is provided by Stuart Ong and his (uncredited) gwailo girl.

Not that the other aspects of the film are a letdown. Whilst not initially action-packed, enough happens to hold the interest while you feast your eyes on Mikie getting nude'n'sweaty and Ken Lo getting annoyed and kicking the cops.

A few of the bad guys get killed (and they all die horribly) then, about 20 minutes before the end, the action hots up considerably, leading up to a ripper of a climax in an earthmoving yard, with two women and two men going in pairs, and includes a bitch-fight with bulldozers !
By the way, Mikie Ng appears to use a stunt double in this scene - she rarely faces the camera while receiving a kick. And the the subtitles come and go at random, which is a little distracting.
In some ways an unusual film and, despite taking itself very seriously, pure nonsense, this is a film worth watching.
Pleasing to the eye, and quite entertaining.

Reviewer Score: 8