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戇星先生 (1997)
He Comes from Planet K

Reviewed by: jasonlau128
Date: 08/27/2000
Summary: sucky like no other

I do not believe it, I is not believe dis. It is boring and the story is hard to believe. If anyone likes this they must be a fool - a fool who believes stupid things like a you can have a baby in 2 days. Yes, it happens in the film.

The story begins with a girl who is abducted by aliens and raped, thus being impregnated. The beginning is rubbish - suck my poo. I did not bother even watching some of the film. There is a funny part with Bat Leung Kam.

Suck my poo.

Reviewed by: shelly
Date: 01/04/2000

*I* liked it more than Pablo did. Planet K is a sweet little movie: the feel-good I've-been-impregnated-by-aliens flic of the year. A well designed musical score and overgenerously gorgeous cinematography by Jingle Ma punch up this comedy farce, and made it well worth my time. The key: Eric Kot's character doesn't speak Cantonese (or any terrestrial language): he's kept firmly in check (he has maybe 15 lines in the film), and so he's genuinely funny as the gentle naif, on a temporary visit from outer space. Dangerous only to cockroaches, with a feebly animated set of antennae (deemed "palps" by the subtitles), Kot nevertheless manages to sweep you up in his quest for his mommy and daddy. There's a priceless spoof of the classic Gordon Chan paramilitary-cops-attack scene: I'll never be able to watch one in quite the same way again. Nicola Cheung is a standout as the reluctant impregnee. She makes a convincing play for gorgeously spunky actress-of-the-moment, and even shows up veteran spunker Anita Yuen. Don't expect much here; then you'll have a good time. Not for the cute-averse.

Reviewer Score: 7