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陰陽路十宣言咒 (2001)
Troublesome Night 10

Reviewed by: trenty
Date: 05/31/2001
Summary: Repeating flaw.

The "Troublesome Night" series finally meet its anniversary. However, "Troublesome Night 10" will not be the last chapter to end this series yet. The 11th chapter is coming out.

The story started with a couple in a motel room located at Chang-Chow. We are being introduce to a love couple who are about to get marry but the man's parents rejected due to the fact that the woman (Sherming Yiu) is a PR. We then see the man running out of the hotel reaching for help because he was being posioned by the woman. Does the woman have the right to kill him in order to be with her (who later posioned herself)? Later, a group of people along with their boss (Wayne Lai) go to Chang-Chow for vacation and they meet with the woman (whose now a ghost, of course). Now, the boss is having a relationship with the woman, the woman wants him dead in order to be with her. Again, does she have the right to do so?

Throughout this series of Troublesome Night, we seen alot of same actors/actresses acting in different roles to create a ghost story for viewers. Although the audience may not feel boring with them but the plots really start to fail to attract its viewers. This 10th chapter not only did not make the Troublesome Night series a special one but also a let down to its fans. As usual, the director tried to use the audio in order to scare off the viewer. For example, a person (not the ghost) suddenly appears in front of another character. This formula is too old to use nowaday to scare off viewers and also, the director had applied this formula back in previous chapters already. Most of the time, the plot was predictable (repeating from previous chapters) and resulting a dull effect. Besides the scary moments the film tried to develope, the comedy part also failed. Many of the jokes in the movie were unnecessary or rather not funny at all.

As to the performances, I think the only actor worth the time to watch is Wayne Lai. Although I am not a fan of his previous works but he delivered a sense of humor in the movie. In other words, he can act in the movie besides other unknowns. Actresses such as Sherming Yiu and Helena Law were also at their standards but nothing special about them since their previous actings in the series were seen before. Other unknown actors were just not up to standard for movies, or maybe it is because of the film's budget matter.

To conclude, the director/scripter/etc. have to work harder and be more creative on the plot/jokes/scares in order to expand this Troublesome Night series. Otherwise, I think this series should end at this 10th chapter. This movie definitely not the worst chapter in the series but it is not good enough for viewers in front of the big screen either. Only recommanded for fans of the series.