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怒馬飛砂 (1977)
The Proud Horses in Flying Sand

Reviewed by: steveonkeys
Date: 07/18/2005
Summary: Not so good

Immensely confusing and lacking directoral focus, this movie is pretty much a waste of time. Angela throws some nice kicks at the end, but I didn't even know who to root for, or what I was watching really. -S.M.

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 09/25/2003

If you like flicks with a complicated plot, this flick is for you. The plot is all over the place and you do not even know who is good or bad till the end. Every 5 years in China (maybe near Mongolia), a horseracing event occurs. The winner gets to pick up a hot 500 taels of gold. The hot spot to be is this inn run by a family, namely Chang Chi (Angela Mao). Many people stop by and shack up at the inn for the big racing event, but as you watch the movie, you find that these folks are very shady and have different intentions and that the "Big" race is secondary. Well, not only are many of the folks who are coming to the inn shady, the inn-keeper (to my surprise) is the shadiest of the whole lot! Chang Chi has allied herself up with the fiancé of the Mongolian Prince, Mi (Ling Yun), to rob some imperial jewelry that is bound for the Capital. One of the men staying at the inn, which you may suspect is shady, turns out to be a Royal cop. He then gets a couple of other shady men (played by Hsieh Han, Pai Ying) to help him stop the jewelry from being heisted. The flick has a hard to follow plot, little gung fu till the end (not that great), and Angela Mao as a bad girl. I hardly would recommend the movie, but if you must see Angela as a baddie, pick this flick up.