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西貢的童話 (2003)
Sai Kung Story
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Rating: II A (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 01/09/2003 - 01/15/2003
Box Office: HK $22,190
  Tommy Law Wai-Tak
  Yank Wong Yan-Kwai
  Rex Hon Yiu-Ting
  Ng Kin-Hung
  Yoyo Mung Ka-Wai ... Wing
  Lawrence Ng Kai-Wah ... Jackson Ching Lok
  Theresa Lee Yee-Hung ... Gee
  Patrick Tang Kin-Wang ... Man
  Ruby Wong Cheuk-Ling ... June
  Wong Hei ... Ming
  Emotion Cheung Kam-Ching ... Moon
  Tam Hoi-Yan ... Candy
  Lee Hiu-Tung (2) ... Hidy Chan
  Sze Mei-Yee ... June's father-in-law
  Ann Tam Kam-Ming ... June's mother-in-law
  Lee Fung    
  Eddie Chan Shu-Chi ... Gee's yacht owner
Production Company
  B&S Films Creation Works House
Filming Company
  Friendship Entertainment Company Limited (Forever Good Entertainment Limited)
  B&S Films Distribution Company Limited (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Paco Yiu Fung-Suen   Edmond Yuen Chi-Keung
  Kwan Chi-Kan
  Chan Sing-Hong
  Lee Yiu-Fai
  Lau Ho-Ngai   Ho Wai-Chau
  Wong Yan (7)
Hair Dressing
  Wong Ting-Lam
  Ng Wang-Hung
  Chan Tze-Leung
Sound Mixer
  Tony Cheng Yiu-Chung   Anthony Kwok Kin-Chuen
  Hon Yeung   Patrick Kwok Chi-Yin
  Small Siu
Production Controller
  Takkie Yeung Yat-Tak
  Cheung Siu-Kin
Film Coordinator
  Delly Ku Oi-Ying
Production Manager
  Andy Fung On-Dik
Associate Production Manager
  Leo Lo Hoi-Ying
Project Manager
  Raymond Yu Wai-Man   Cheung Hau-Chung
Set Runner
  Wan Wai-Lun (2)
Still Photographer
  Fong Ho-Yuen
  True Technic Production Limited
  SP Engineering Ltd   Hong Kong Equipment Rental Co., Ltd.
  Wing and her mom run a fishery. Wing looks forward to leave the fishery and to get into the city life. Lok is a fashion designer from America; he derives inspiration for his new collection from Wing's fishery. Lok is just like the prince in Cinderella to rescue Wing out of this place. His girl friend's father, who has many commercial constraints on his creativity, that controls Lok's career. Wing open Lok's mind to a brighter side, at the same time, Lok's girl friend comes to bring Lok back to America... Man is a postman who does his boring job everyday; Gee can bring attention to him. Gee is someone's mistress, she rely on the emotionally support by the letters write from her French boyfriend. Man is curious about the content of the letters; he takes a peep into the letters and finds out that his boyfriend is falling in love with another girl. Man doesn't want Gee to be sad, and forge his handwriting and keep on communicate to her. This is only a kind of love from a secret admirer... June married to Moon, the owner of a dessert store, 3 years ago, but she became widow just after their wedding. She used to be young and beautiful woman, but she sucks in the pain and sorrow of losing her husband. Ming is Moon and June's best friend, over this years Ming hides his love to June. Ming tries to take June away out of the sadness. At the same time, June feels tried for the dessert store as she works hard to run on this business. The back of Ming wakes up June's desire for care and love...