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福伯 (2003)
Fu Bo
Origin: Hong Kong
Languages: Cantonese  English 
Genre: Drama 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Release Date (HK): 09/18/2003
  Wong Ching-Po
  Lee Kung-Lok
  Simon Lai Tak-Kin
  Sandy Yip
  Liu Kai-Chi    
  Lee Sze-Chit    
  Pauline Suen Kai-Kwan    
  Eric Tsang Chi-Wai    
  Anthony Wong Chau-Sang    
  Wong Shu-Tong    
  Hugo Ng Doi-Yung    
  Joe Cheung Tung-Cho    
  Kwai Chung    
  Jacob Mense ... Chef
  Tao Min-Ming    
  Cheung Lap-Tak (2)    
  Lau Koon-Hung    
  Wu Man-Fai    
  Ho Man ... Priest
  Lai Shu-Wing    
  Cheng Kam-Yeung    
  Mak Kin-Choi    
  Yu Ching-Yat    
  Yu Kin-Hang    
  Sung Yu    
  Chan Wai-Shing    
  Wu Chi-Kit    
  Lee Ga-Foo    
  Hui Kai-Ming    
Production Company
  Ying E Chi Limited
  Ying E Chi Limited (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Kenneth Yuen Kam-Lun   Eddie Chan Chi-Kiu   Simon Chung Tak-Sing
  Wong Ping-Hung
  Liu Ka-Keung   Danny Lau Wai-Chiu
Art Director
  Adam Wong Sau-Ping
Costume Designer
  Steve Yip Sing-To   Angela Chiu Dan-Kei
  Angela Chiu Dan-Kei   Lee Wai-Fong
  Wong Ching-Po   Lee Kung-Lok
  Adam Hung Gong
  Tommy Wai Kai-Leung
Production Manager
  Connie Lau Ho-Yi   Cheung Oi-Wa
  Three interrelated tales linked by the theme of death. A morgue assistant witnesses gut-wrenching autopsies and mutilated corpses on a daily basis. But strangest of all is the behaviour of his oddball colleagues. In another part of town, a professional killer views his job with grave misgiving. This tormented soul begins to act in an increasingly erratic manner much to the consternation of his triad bosses. The third character is a cook who works in a prison. His job is to cook for inmates on death row, and to record their dying wishes. This unholy trio finds out in different ways that the most beautiful moments of life are often those closest to death.