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失鎗72小時 (2003)
Unarm 72 Hours
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Imperial 
Genre: Crime 
Rating: II B (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 02/20/2003 - 02/26/2003
  James Ha Chim-Si
  James Ha Chim-Si
Action Director
  James Ha Chim-Si
  James Ha Chim-Si
  Danny Lee Sau-Yin ... Inspector Lee
  Lam Wai (2) ... Thief Wai
  Ellen Chan Nga-Lun ... Sung Ling
  Ken Lo Wai-Kwong ... Kwong
  Shing Fui-On ... Sing
  May Law Koon-Lan ... Sing's wife
  Nicky Shi Wa-Fung ... Lui
  Gloria Wong Yung ... Yung
  Sung Boon-Chung ... Chung
  Grace Lam Nga-Si ... Miss Lam
  James Ha Chim-Si ... Driver [cameo]
  Tai Tak-Yeung ... Moneybox security guard # 1
  Lee Man-Piu ... Moneybox security guard # 2
  Cheung Hung-On ... Moneybox security guard # 3
  Chim Bing-Hei ... Jim (CID # 1)
  Yiu Man-Kei (2) ... Kay (CID # 2)
  Eddie Chan Shu-Chi ... Chee (CID # 3)
  Yip Wang-Kwong ... CID # 4
  Michael Mak Wai-Kin ... Thief Michael
  Ling Chit-Fai ... Thief Fai
  Debbie Cheung Jing ... Fai's wife
  Au Kwok-Chung ... Hospital Doctor
  Hoh Shu-Wing ... Mr. Wong
  Chrissy Chan Sin-Yee ... Mrs. Wong
  Cheng Kam-Sing ... Piggy Wai
  Shum Wai-Lung ... Thief Lung
  Tang Yin-Nam ... A Nam
Production Company
  B&S Films Creation Works House
Filming Company
  Taurus Production
  B&S Films Distribution Company Limited (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Tang Yin-Nam
  Cheung Hok-Man
Focus Puller
  Chun Kim-Ming
  Andy Lee Po-Lam
  Wanery Chong Wan-Lui
  Jacky Leung Kwok-Wing
Props Master
  Hoh Shu-Wing
Sound Mixer
  Chan Sai-Ho
  Brother Hung Productions
Martial Arts Director
  Yiu Pui-Shu
  Small Siu
Production Controller
  Takkie Yeung Yat-Tak
  Cheung Siu-Kin
Assistant Production Manager
  Nicky Shi Wa-Fung
Project Manager
  Petrina Ho Wai-Yee
  Chu Chai
  Hollywood Film Service Company
  Herman Chow Kam-Wing
  True Technic Production Limited
  Hang Wan Cinematic Equipment Rental Limited   HMI Camera Limited
  A detective, Lee is going to retire soon, while he is investigating a jewelry store arm robbery case. He has a gunfight with the armed thieves from Mainland China and kills one of the thieves. The thieves are trying to escape. Ling hide the jewelry inside the lift system, and threat Lee with a grenade. Lee's gun is taken away by Ling's boyfriend Wai during the mess. When the police back up team arrive, Wai escaped but Ling is arrested. Lee didn't report on his lost gun since he doesn't want his personal record be affected by his lost gun especially he is going to retire soon, Lee try to arrested the thieves and recover his gun by himself. Wai get into Sing's taxi to runaway, Wai hide in Sing's home and wait for a chance to save Ling. Sing got a troublesome family, he owe money from the usurer, his wife is a bitch, and his son Lui has autism, his daughter Yung keeps fooling around with guys. They are all tied up and yell all day, Wai had a bad time staying with them. One day the usurer and Yung's boyfriend is coming for debts and separation money, Wai don't want anything to affect his plan and make them leave. Wai solves Sing's problem, Sing's family is admired by Wai's courageous image. Sing agrees with Wai's plan to save Ling for the big bucks reward. The armed gangster leader Kwong hijack detective Lee and Ling while Lee is escorting Ling, Kwong try to force Ling to tell where the jewelry was. Kwong is a furious guy; he wants to kill Lee and Ling so he can have the jewelry by himself. Wai only has Lee's gun, and go challenge with Kwong's massive firepower...