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陰陽路十八之鬼上身 (2003)
Troublesome Night 18
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Imperial 
Genre: Ghost 
Rating: II B (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 02/27/2003 - 03/05/2003
  Jameson Lam Wa-Fan
  Jameson Lam Wa-Fan
  Danny Sing Chiu-Kai
  Helena Law Lan ... Mrs Bud Lung
  Michael Tong Man-Lung ... Kong Lik Son
  Simon Lui Yue-Yeung ... Bud Pit
  Yum Kong-Sau ... Ying Ying
  Frankie Ng Chi-Hung ... Brother Chi Hung
  Anita Chan Wing-Yin ... Audrey
  Bobby Yip ... Eight
  Tong Ka-Fai ... Bud Gay
  Ronnie Cheung Ho-Lung ... Bud Yan
  Kitty Chung Kit-Yee ... Cheung Kit See
  Big Cheong ... Chiu
  Jass Chan Wai-Shing ... Fai
  Wong Koon-Chen ... Chung
Production Company
  B&S Films Creation Works House
Filming Company
  Nam Yin Production Co., Ltd.
  B&S Films Distribution Company Limited (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Almond Tsang Suk-Man
  Nam Yin
  Tong Kam-Ho   Yau Wing-Yung
  Lu Zhi-Hao   C. L. Leung
Art Director
  Kita Law Gut-Kei
  Kent Kwok Kin-Yi
  Tsang Lee-Lee
Hair Stylist
  Wong Man-Hong
  Jacky Leung Kwok-Wing
  Cheung Yip-Jing   Cheung Po-Lung
Sound Mixer
  Li Kwong-Tim
  Brother Hung
  Small Siu
Production Controller
  Takkie Yeung Yat-Tak
  Cheung Siu-Kin
Production Manager
  Man Chan Hai-Man   Big Cheong
Assistant Production Manager
  Addis Yung Wing-Sze
Visual Effects
  Tony Yu Hing-Wah
  Herman Chow Kam-Wing
  True Technic Production Limited
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Kong Lik Son was born with the ghost eyes. He is a helpful person and he works for Chi Hung, the head of gangster. One day he sees an unrest soul, Mrs. Chung, who is looking for a flesh replacement. Son provokes Mrs. Chung to anger because he ruins Mrs. Chung's plan while he saves Ying Ying. To save Ying Ying is a good thing, but it interrupts the balance of Ying and Yang. Mrs. Chung doesn't want his child Chung to lose the chance of reborn, so she keeps on chasing Son to pass into him. Son's life is in great danger. Bud Gay is good friend of Son, he asks Bud Yan to bust the ghost for Son. Bud Yan is not powerful enough and he beats up by Mrs. Chung. The only way to save Son, Bud Gay asks Mrs. Bud to beat the ghost. Mrs. Bud finds out that Son interrupts the balance of Ying and Yang when Son saves Ying Ying. Mrs. Bud also finds out that Mrs. Chung drowned in lake when she was pregnancy. As Chung is an unborn child that he has no chance to reborn. Therefore, Mrs. Chung has to find a flesh body for Chung to reborn. Mrs. Chung blames Son for ruined her plan. Mrs. Bud acts as a negotiator to find the Wulun Buddha for the reason of unable reborn in Erebus. Then Mrs. Bud asks Bud Gay and Ying Ying to lead Mrs. Chung and her child to the lakeside, so they can rest in peace and can wait for the transmigrate. Will it be successful? It is depends on Son's fake...