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源來是愛 (2003)
The Source of Love
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Drama 
Rating: II A (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 10/30/2003 - 11/12/2003
Box Office: HK $38,459
  Stephen Shin Kei-Yin
  Roddy Wong Yat-Ping
  Jonny Koo
  Stephen Shin Kei-Yin
  Rebecca Leow
  Stephen Shin Kei-Yin
  Chung King-Fai ... Chen Hon-ming
  Wong Hoi-Yan ... Ah Ti
  Samuel Tai Cheng-Hsiao ... Ah Kit
  Deborah Sim ... Susie
  Scott Smyth ... Rich
  Lee Pui-Kit ... Shing
  Peter Yang Kwan ... Grandfather
  Gabriel Harrison ... Tommy
  Alan Yu Ga-Lun ... School principal
  Chan Po-Chun ... Brother Hong
  Chan Chun-Luk ... Shing's grandmother
  Gary Mak Wing-Lun ... Shing's father
  Chim Pui-Ho ... Fatso
  Ah Dik (2) ... Ball
  Chan Chun-Tat ... Shing's gang member
  Law Gam-Yuen ... Shing's gang member
  Leung Suk-Fun ... Fatso's mother
  Wong Kai-Ming (2) ... Fatso's brother
  Winnie ... Susie's classmate Eva
  Lam Yi-Tung ... Susie's friend Mei Mei
  Ng Lok-Man (3) ... Tommy's girlfriend
  Steven Ng Shing-Tat ... Poultry owner
  Lau Yat-Tung ... Old folks' home supervisor
  Chow Lim-Kan ... Disciplinary master
  Kai Cheung-Lung ... Student's father
  Mak Po-Chun ... Student's mother
  Chu Suet-Yan ... Teacher
  Wong Chui-Yee ... Teacher
  Leung Ho-Ming ... Teacher riding bicycle
  Donald Leow ... Family at beach - father
  Sandra Leow ... Family at beach - mother
  Cheryl Leow ... Girl
  Wong Kam-Ming ... Store helper / Cafe waiter
  Cheng Kei-Yan ... Passenger
  Chong Tak-Leung ... Passenger
Production Company
  Wind Flower Productions (HK) Ltd.
Assistant Director
  Jonny Koo   Chan Po-Chun   Jill Wong
Script Supervisor
  Jill Wong
Director of Photography
  Apple Kwan Pak-Suen
1st Unit Focus Puller
  Mandy Ngai Man-Yin
  Ng Kin-Man
  Chan Sing-Hong   Luk Chun-Yu   Tsang Kwai-Leung
Art Director
  Sukie Yip Suk-Wah
Art Assistant
  Chan Ka-Wing (2)
  Sukie Yip Suk-Wah
  May Lam Chi-Ting
  Chung Wai-Yuen
Hair Stylist
  Chiu Git-Lun
  Wong Wing-Ming
Props Master
  Leung Yui-Nung
  Leung Yui-Tong
Sound Mixer
  Leung Li-Chi
Boom Operator
  Lee Hing-Keung
Original Music
  Chan Wing-Wah
  Samuel Tai Cheng-Hsiao
Theme Song Composer
  Samuel Tai Cheng-Hsiao
  Samuel Tai Cheng-Hsiao
  Samuel Tai Cheng-Hsiao
  Andrew Chu King-Yin   Liang Jie-Yang
Car Stunts
  Cheng Kei-Yan   Chong Tak-Leung
  Lee Kwai-Seng
  Donald Leow
Assistant to Producer
  Sandra Leow
Associate Production Manager
  Ram Ling Chi-Man
Assistant Production Manager
  Melody Lui Si-Lam
Unit Manager
  Steven Ng Shing-Tat
Set Runner
  Leung Pak-Seng   Wong Kam-Ming (2)   Chong Tak-Leung
Still Photographer
  Jonny Koo
Tea Lady
  Lam Lai-Bing
Sound Designer
  Kinson Tsang King-Cheung
Re-Recording Mixer
  Kinson Tsang King-Cheung   George Lee Yiu-Keung
Dialogue Recording
  Yiu Chun-Hin   Wong Tsz-Kin
Dialogue Editing
  Yuen Ting-Yip
Foley Recording
  Davy To Burnard
Foley Editing
  Felix Chung Sze-Ming
  iZone Sound Design Ltd.
  Media Business Services Ltd.
  Hong Kong Equipment Rental Co., Ltd.
  TUI Insurance Consultants Limited
  Cine Art Laboratory Ltd.
  Chan Hong-ming is a middle aged Chinese teacher. He lives in Cheung Chau Island, deeply loves his family but maintains his traditional father's dignity that makes his children getting close to him hard. Son Ka Kit is a faithful Christian and has a stuttering problem. He always volunteers for his church and work hard to take care of juvenile delinquent Sing. Daughter Ka-yee studies in America. Pregnant, she secretly returns to Hong Kong to find the boyfriend who abandoned her. She thinks about suicide, but under her mother, brother and friends' care, she persists. At this time, Grandpa disappears from a senior home. Hong-ming's family looks for him everywhere. Unfortunately, a car hits Ka Kit and the family suddenly falls into sorrow.....