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女人的秘密 (1961)
Woman's Affairs
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Comedy 
Release Date (HK): 05/24/1961
  Mok Hong-See
  Yang Shih-Ching
  Wong Cheuk-Hon
  Ting Ying ... Chui Lai-Ping
  Lam Ka-Sing ... Tong Siu-Wah
  Carrie Ku Mei ... Mrs. Cheung
  Paul Chu Kong ... Chan Ming-Sun
  Man Oi-Lan ... Lee Siu-Kuen
  Au-Yeung Kim ... Chin Man-Tung
  Tam Lan-Hing ... Mrs Chin
  Cheng Kwun-Min ... Poon Chi-On
  Cheung Yee (2) ... Cheung Chi-Kwong
  Helena Law Lan ... Ah Ying
  Sai Gwa-Pau ... Lau Yee
  Leung Suk-Hing ... Mrs. Lee
  Lau Nai-Chai ... Choi Man
  Tai Sang-Po ... Maid Ah San
  Sze-Ma Wah-Lung    
Production Company
  Lan Kwong Film Co.
Assistant Director
  Law Chi
Script Supervisor
  Pak Man-Biu
  Suen Lun
  Chan Man-Fai (2)
  Sung Ming
Sound Recordist
  Mui Ching
Production Manager
  Kong Man   Cheung Chung-Chuk
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Woman's Affairs" (1961) is another romantic comedy set in the familiar confines of a cramped tenement apartment where friendship and love, fate and hate collide. Factory worker Ting Ying reunites with ex-coworker Man Oi-lan, who becomes the manager's mistress in lieu of debts owed by her mother. Endlessly bickering over trivial matters, Ting and neighbour Lam Kar-sing have no idea they are in fact pen friends and soulmates who have never met. Odd coincidences and neurotic events bring out plenty of harsh reality but also humour and wit for redemption. (HKFA press release)