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火併 (1971)
Duel for Gold
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
Release Date (Singapore): 09/13/1971
Theatrical Run (HK): 11/06/1971 - 11/16/1971
Box Office: HK $659,670.1
  Chor Yuen
  Ni Kuang
Martial Arts Directors
  Simon Chui Yee-Ngau
  Chui Chung-Hok
  Runme Shaw
original movie poster (DUEL FOR GOLD was begun by director Lo Wei,
but after his leaving to Golden Harvest, Chu Yuan took over. It was Chu Yuan's first movie for Shaw-Brothers.)
  Ivy Ling Po ... Yu Yen
  Wang Ping ... Yu Ying
  Chin Han ... Master Shen aka Meng
  Chang Yi ... Wen Li Hsien [in the unused footage shot by Lo Wei]
  Lo Lieh ... Teng Qi Ying
  Richard Chen Chun ... Wen Li Hsien
  Fan Mei-Sheng ... Chiu Fu
  Lee Pang-Fei ... Sergeant Chang
  Tsung Hua ... Hua Dieh Er
  Tong Tin-Hei ... Steward Chiu's partner
  Yeung Chak-Lam ... Steward Chiu's partner
  Wong Wai (3) ... Steward Chiu's partner
  Law Hon ... Bank boss
  Lee Siu-Chung ... Bank manager
  Lau Kwan (3) ... Bank clerk
  Little Unicorn ... Bank security guard
  Simon Chui Yee-Ngau ... Bank security guard
  Yue Man-Wah ... Bank security guard
  Erh Chun ... Bank security guard
  Lan Wei-Lieh ... Bank security guard
  Tony Lee Wan-Miu ... Constable
  Lam Siu ... Constable
  Wu Por ... Constable
  Chiang Lung ... Constable
  Sai Gwa-Pau ... Waiter
  Yue Hong (2) ... Waiter
  Woo Wai (2) ... Waiter
  Tsang Choh-Lam ... Brothel worker
  Kwok Chuk-Hing ... Prostitute
  Wong Kung-Miu ... Servant
  Chow Siu-Loi ... Chou, one of Shen's men
  Ting Tung ... Villager watching acrobatic show
  Chu Yau-Ko ... Villager watching acrobat show
  Mama Hung ... Villager watching acrobat show
  Kwan Yan ... Constable
  Unknown SB-Actor (30) ... Constable
  Max Lee Chiu-Chun ... Bank security guard
  Lee Tin-Ying ... Steward Chiu's partner
  Bai Yu    
  James Tin Chuen ... extra [in the still-used footage shot by Lo Wei]
  Cheung Chok-Chow ... Restaurant customer [extra]
  Hung Ling-Ling ... Prostitute [extra]
  Gam Tin-Chue ... [Extra]
  Wong Yuet-Ting ... [Extra]
  Sa Au ... [Extra]
  Chai Lam ... [Extra]
  Ching Bo-San ... [Extra]
  Unknown SB-Actor (13) ... [Extra]
  Lam Wah ... [Extra]
  Unknown SB-Actor (26) ... [Extra]
  Woo Ping ... [Extra]
  Unknown SB-Actor (41) ... [Extra]
  Woo Ka-Kei ... [Extra]
  Unknown SB-Actor (54) ... [Extra]
  Unknown SB-Actress (2) ... [Extra]
  Lau Chun ... [Extra]
  Unknown SB-Actress (5) ... [Extra]
Production Company
  Shaw Brothers
Assistant Director
  Ku Chen   Chang Chih-Pei
  Wu Cho-Hua
  Fong Yuen
  Chiang Hsing-Lung
  Chan King-Sam
Sound Recordist
  Wang Yong-Hua
  Frankie Chan Fan-Kei
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  DUEL FOR GOLD was begun by director Lo Wei but Chu Yuan took over, and it became his first movie for Shaw Brothers - as Lo Wei left them for Raymond Chow and his founding of Golden Harvest company. Many actors went along, prominently long-time Shaw leading actor Chang Yi, as well as supporting actors and extras like Samo Hung. So in the material shot by Lo Wei - for sure at least the beginning of the movie - there was Chang Yi starring, but later, with Chu Yuan directing, he was substituted by Chen Chun. One can also discover, before Chen Chun entering the scene in the new material, James Tien (in the Lo Wei footage that could be used) as an extra in the background but suddenly he is not there anymore in the entourage. James Tien, by the time an actor with extra or minor supporting roles at Shaws, of course was also one the actors that defected to Golden Harvest.