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鐵漢柔情 (1973)
The Young Dragons
Alias: 過客
original movie from 1973 that is the basis for YOUNG DRAGONS Farewell, Buddy
(original movie from 1973 that was the basis for THE YOUNG DRAGONS): Farewell, Buddy
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
Release Date (Taiwan): 04/18/1974
Release Date (HK): 09/12/1975
  John Woo
  Ni Kuang
  John Woo
Martial Arts Directors
  Jackie Chan
  Chan Chuen
  Raymond Chow Man-Wai
original movie poster
  Henry Yu Yang ... Brother Kin
  Tanny Tien Ni ... Yip Fung
  Hu Chin ... Little Hung
  Cheng Lei ... Lui Fu
  Lau Kong ... Fan Ming
  Chiang Nan ... Boss Lung
  Fung Hak-On ... Wan Fai
  Ng Ming-Choi ... Guy
  Lee Fung (4)    
  Dean Shek Tin ... Young brothel customer
  Li Min-Lang ... Wong Tai Sing
  Fung Ging-Man ... Boss Yu
  Shing Fui-On ... Wan Fai's attendant with bird cage
  Sai Gwa-Pau ... Brothel keeper
  Yang Ai-Hua ... credited as guest star in Cinemart Oct. 1973
  John Woo ... Kin's message deliverer
  Chin Yuet-Sang ... Kin's man
  Yuen Miu ... Kin's man
  Wong Chi-Ming ... Kin's man
  Mars ... Lui Fu's thug
  Lee Chiu (2) ... Boss Lung's thug spar with Wan Fai
  Wan Fat ... Lui Fu's thug delivering arms
  Corey Yuen Kwai ... Lui Fu's thug
  Hsu Hsia ... Boss Lung's thug
  Wong Mei ... Boss Lung's thug
  Chung Fat ... Wan Fai's assistant
  Yuen Bun ... Wan Fai's assistant
  Chan Dik-Hak ... Boss Lung's thug
  Chui Fat ... Boss Lung's thug killed by Wan Fai
  Wynn Lau Chun-Fai ... Boss Lung's thug spar with Wan Fai
  Ho Kwong-Ming ... Siu Hung
  Wan Ling-Kwong ... Police captain
  Fung Ming ... Boss Yu's partner
  Ng Yuen-Fan ... Boss Lung's thug
  Shing Gwan-On ... Boss Yu's thug
  Lam Yuen ... Gambling den's boss
  Chui Hing-Chun ... Yip Fung's father
  Unknown SB-Actor (46) ... Gambler
  Hoh Gong-Lun ... [Extra]
  Ho Lai-Nam ... [Extra]
  Lung Fong ... [Extra]
  Jackie Chan ... stand-in for rope guys
  Tsui Siu-Ming ... [Extra]
  Ng Yuen-Jun ... [Extra]
  Alan Chui Chung-San ... [Extra]
  Yeung Wah ... [Extra]
  Cheung Chi-Ping ... [Extra]
Production Company
  Golden Harvest Productions
Assistant Director
  Chui Po-Chu
Script Supervisor
  Chan Lai-Sai
  Jimmy Yu Chun
  Ku Yu
  Li Chi
  Tse Chung-Kwong
  Ho Chieh-Fu   Lai Pak-Shing
Sound Recordist
  Kwong Wu
Assistant Production Manager
  Fan Kam-Ting
Still Photographer
  Wong Tak (2)
  Li Yi-Chih
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  It was the first film directed by John Woo which was meant to be an independent production. Made in 1973 and entitled 'Guo Ke', the film was banned due to its violent content. Golden Harvest later acquired the film rights and made subsequent alterations. It was renamed as 'The Young Dragons' when premiered in 1975. Credited as a Lu's production 呂氏公司 when premiered in Taiwan on 18 April 1974. (from HKFA: A Study of Hong Kong Cinema in the 70s/The Biography of John Woo)