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賣身 (1976)
Body for Sale
Origin: Hong Kong
Genres: Adult  Comedy  Drama 
Release Date (HK): 06/17/1976
  Ho Fan
  Lo Wei
  James Yi Lui ... Ah Chung
  Lau Nga-Ying    
  Maybo Chiu Mei-Bo    
  Na Na    
  Yip Ha-Lei    
  Ma Chien-Tang    
  Sun Lan    
  Tong Mei-Giu    
  Fei Suk-Suk    
  Wong Ha-Fei    
  Fei Fei (3)    
  Seung Ching    
  Lam Yuen    
  Cham Siu-Hung    
  Lam Siu    
  Tsang Choh-Lam    
  Yue Tau-Wan    
  Chow Shing-Boh    
  Fong Ping (2)    
  Fong Yue    
  Fong Yuen    
  Chow Gat    
  Jia Ling    
  Siu Bo (6)    
  Siu Wa (3)    
  Wong Wai (2)    
  On Kei-Laai    
  Siu Gam    
  Chu Yau-Ko    
  Lau Tat-Ming    
  A Lun (2)    
  Che Dei    
  Leung Siu-Wah    
  Law Lok-Lam    
  Charlie Chan Yiu-Lam    
  Gam Yam    
  Chan Tit-Ming    
  Jenny Leung Jan-Lei    
  Gam Tin-Chue    
  Chang Kung    
Production Company
  Lo Wei Motion Picture Co., Ltd.
  Frankie Chan Fan-Kei
  Hsu Li-Hwa
  Ah Chung, a simple and kind hearted fellow, was working happily as a toilet attendant in a hotel alongside with Ah Lien, a waitress whom he was secretly in love with. One day, due to carelessness. Ah Chung was fired. Out of sympathy, Ah Lien gave him financial help. When the much indebted Ah Chung found another job, he went to return the money to Ah Lien but was disappointed to learn that she had left and married. Ah Chung was unable to find Ah Lien although she was always in his mind. A few years went by and Ah Chung was now working as an odd job man in a strip-tease joint. His duties ranged from 'dressing' up the naked dancers with sequin stars to operating spot lights. One night, while operating the spot lights, Ah Chung saw Ah Lien being forced to do a strip-tease act...