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夢過界 (1988)
My Dream Is Yours
Alias: The Dream Is Yours
Origin: Hong Kong
Genre: Ghost 
Rating: II A (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 12/21/1988 - 01/27/1989
Box Office: HK $3,596,704
  Derek Chang Man-Gon
  Rudolf Chiu Hong-Shing
  Derek Chang Man-Gon
  Mok Hei
Action Directors
  Yuen Wah
  Sammo Hung Stuntmen's Association
  Jade Hsu
  Hsu Feng
  Joey Wong Cho-Yin ... Yik Man Sing
  Jacky Cheung Hok-Yau ... Tang Tin Kwong
  David Wu Dai-Wai (3) ... 7-11 manager
  Ellen Chan Nga-Lun ... Barbara
  Yuen Wah ... Dream man
  Manfred Wong Man-Chun ... Yeung
  Tan Lap-Man ... Loan shark
  So Tak-Wa ... Loan shark
  Wong Aau ... Madman's daughter
  Bowie Lam Bo-Yi ... Harassed by loansharks
  James Wong Jim ... Madman
  Wong Leung-Sing ... Big Ghost
  Billy Lau Nam-Kwong ... CID
  Do Tak-Chi ... Male store clerk
  Yiu Yau-Hung ... Thief
  Wong Kwai-Sing ... Whoremonger
  Winnie Lau Siu-Wai ... Female office worker
  Ricky Yi Fan-Wai ... Man in car
  Unknown 80s Police Actor (5) ... Policeman
  Unknown 80s Police Actor (7) ... Policeman
Production Company
  Tomson (Hong Kong) Films Co., Ltd.
  D & B Film Distribution (Hong Kong)
First Assistant Director
  Andy Chin Wing-Keung   Tang Chung-Kan
Second Assistant Director
  Raymond Yip Wai-Man
Script Supervisor
  Helen Li
Director of Photography
  Richard Wong Ho-Fan
2nd Unit Cinematographer
  William Yim Wai-Lun
  Wong Chi-Wah
Art Director
  Jonathon Cheung Hoi-Kei
Image Designer
  Cheung Sun-Yiu   Andrew Yau King-Yuen
  Poon Man-Wah
Hair Stylist
  Ben Lee   Yip Wing-Hung
  Wong Ming-Kong
  Ng Chiu-Leung   Leung Yui-Nung
  Mick Muhlfriedel
  Tong Cun-Lin
  Rudolf Chiu Hong-Shing
Production Manager
  Stephen So Wa-King   Jacky Pang Yi-Wah
Special Effects
  Unlimited Effect (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Cinema City Recording Studio   108 Records Ltd., Co.
  Nightmares become reality for two people, and also bring them together. One is an office worker who also works at 7-11 at night, who also has a pretty fiancee who is being hassled by loan sharks. The other is a gorgeous interior designer. The nightmares happen to them in reality, and start small. The man is attacked by a hand jumping out of a computer keyboard, while videotape attacks the girl. But the nightmare isn't all bad. Two weird brothers, who only appear in these people's dreams, force lots of money into their pockets, which they can use in the real world. But the payback for this money is quite high !