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監獄不設防 (1989)
Jail House Eros
Origin: Hong Kong
Languages: Cantonese  Mandarin 
Circuit: Golden Harvest 
Genres: Adult  Ghost  Comedy 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Release Date (Singapore): 12/07/1989
Theatrical Run (HK): 03/02/1990 - 03/16/1990
Box Office: HK $5,820,405
  Kenny Ha Sau-Hin
  Cheng Man-Wah
  Debbie Cheng Yau-Hing
  Yu Hon-Wing
Martial Arts Directors
  Yuen Bun
  Phillip Kwok Chun-Fung
  Johnathan Chow Chun-Tung
  Stanley Fung Sui-Fan ... Inspector Feng
  Pauline Wong Yuk-Wan ... Pei
  Chan Kit-Ling ... Prison guard
  Ha Chi-Chun ... Rough prison guard
  Rachel Lee Lai-Chun ... Jane Chan
  Maria Cordero ... Big Sister
  Amy Yip Ji-Mei ... Chesty
  Joanna Chan Pui-San ... Blackie Chang
  Wong Mei-Wa ... Inmate
  Ngai Suet ... Inmate
  Edith Au Ngoi-Ling ... Inmate
  Cheng Yuen-Man ... Inmate
  Yan Hiu-Yee ... Inmate
  Gwok Tin-Ngai ... Inmate
  Lawrence Lau Sek-Yin ... Fatty
  Cheung Kwok-Wah ... Taoist priest
  Chan Ging ... Rough prison guard's lover
  Fong Yue ... Rough prison guard's aunt
  Dickson Lee Ga-Sing ... Shih Meng-Wei / Shih Ming I
  Cheng Kwan-Chi ... Meng-Wei's friend
Production Companies
  Golden Harvest Productions
  Diagonal Pictures Limited
  Paragon Films Ltd.
  Golden Harvest Productions (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Ting Hin-Lam   Pang Yuk-Lam
Script Supervisor
  Pang Yuk-Lam
  Philip Ma Kam-Cheung
Focus Puller
  Mak Hung
  Jeng Man-Keung
Art Director
  Ho Kim-Sing
Costume Design
  Ruby Ko Pui-Yee
  Kwok Heung-Ling
  Mok Wai-Hong   Wan Yuk-Jan
  Peter Cheung Yiu-Chung
Assistant Editor
  Ng Wang-Hung
  Bau Fuk-Kan
Set Carpentry
  Butt Yiu-Kwong
  The Melody Bank   Alastair Monteith-Hodge
Music Editor
  Stephen Shing Gam-Wing
  Chua Lam
  Ivan Lai Gai-Ming
Film Coordinator
  Yuen Suk-Ching
Production Manager
  Anna Chim Wai-Wai
Assistant Production Manager
  Lam On-Lee   Yuen Suet-Lin
Unit Manager
  Shing Chui-Kwong
Still Photographer
  Chan Yuk (2)
Tea Lady
  Liu Li-Ying (2)
Special Effects
  Jonathan Ting Yuen-Tai   Jacky Tang Wai-Yuk
Recording Studio
  Sound Wave Film Post Production Limited
Mixing Studio
  Sound Wave Film Post Production Limited
  Ronny Ching Siu-Lung
  Simon Leung Chi-Wa
  Alexander Lee Chung-Keung   Lam Bo-Chuen (2)   Monica Tsang Hing-Kwok
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Jane is being killed on a jailbreak, then she's released as a ghost 15 years later. Meanwhile, Blackie is dreaming of escape, but wakes up the prison bully, who precipitates the first of many cat fights, which provides much ripping of clothes and gratuitous nude flashes (many of the jailbirds seem averse to underwear). In the thick of the action is the loud-mouthed Chesty and Big Sister. The riot is (too forcefully) put down by the cruel Madam, who then punishes the offenders with a water cannon. The cruel Madam dies while having (very brief) sex in a sacred area, and becomes an evil ghost..... A women's jail complete with sexy, vivacious criminals and ghosts is the center of this adult action drama. [from the Tai Seng Catalog]