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跛豪 (1991)
To Be Number One
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Golden Harvest 
Genre: Crime 
Rating: II (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 04/05/1991 - 06/03/1991
Box Office: HK $38,703,363
  Poon Man-Kit
  Stephen Shiu Yeuk-Yuen
  Johnny Mak Tong-Hung
Martial Arts Director
  Tony Leung Siu-Hung
  Stephen Shiu Yeuk-Yuen
  Ray Lui Leung-Wai ... Crippled Ho
  Kent Cheng Jak-Si ... Cool Kwan/Wu Shin-Kwan
  Cecilia Yip Tung ... Tse Yuen-Yin
  Amy Yip Ji-Mei ... May
  Waise Lee Chi-Hung ... Wan
  Lawrence Ng Kai-Wah ... Wu Ming
  Dickens Chan Wing-Chung ... Big Sha
  Frankie Chan Chi-Leung ... Little Sha
  Elvis Tsui Kam-Kong ... Dummy/Chi
  Tommy Wong Kwong-Leung ... Hsiong/Loud Hung
  Kenneth Tsang Kong ... Chief Inspector Tiger Lui
  Lo Lieh ... Boss Tien
  Ng Man-Tat ... Gold Teeth Ping
  Lau Shun ... Boss Feng
  Lau Kong ... Chief Inspector Lung
  Lily Ng Lai-Chu ... Wan's wife
  Mama Hung ... Md. Wu
  Wong Chi-Keung ... Fat restaurant boss
  Goo Wai-Jan ... Restaurant boss' wife
  Victor Hon Kwan ... Boss Kwong
  Ken Lok Tat-Wah ... Kwong's bodyguard
  Alvina Kong Yan-Yin ... Lui's deranged mistress
  Dion Lam Dik-On ... Tien's bodyguard
  Chung Fat ... Fat
  Lui Tat ... Opium den worker
  Wai Ching ... Lui's assistant
  Unknown 90s Actor (10) ... Thai drug representative
  Jameson Lam Wa-Fan ... Ping's gangster
  Lee Ying-Git (2) ... Chiang
  Wong Shu-Tong    
  Tam Wai-Man ... Kwan's thug
  Mark Houghton ... OSCG officer
  Leung Sam (2) ... Barber
  Wong Chung-Kui ... Kun
  Unknown 90s Actor (13) ... Restaurant customer
  Ng Kwok-Kai ... Unlucky gangster
  Ho Wing-Cheung ... Tien's bodyguard
  Chang Seng-Kwong ... Fat's thug
  Unknown 90s Actor (22) ... Policeman interrogating Ho
  Garry Chan Chi-Shing    
  Cheung Siu ... Barber
  Kwan Kwok-Chung ... Thug
  Lee Hon-Shing    
  Ho Tim    
  Unknown 90s Actor (9)    
  Unknown 90s Actor (15)    
  Berg Ng Ting-Yip    
  So Wai-Nam ... Ping's gangster
  Ho Kam-Moon ... Doctor
  Tam Fai ... Thai fisherman
  Ankee Leung Chi-On ... Gangster
  Unknown 80s Police Actor (1) ... Policeman
  Unknown 80s Police Actor (5) ... Policeman
  Frank Liu Zong-Ji ... Policeman
  Unknown 80s Police Actor (7) ... Policeman
  Kwan Man-Fa    
  Kwan Man-Lan    
  Unknown 90s Actor (3) ... [Extra]
  Jack Wong Wai-Leung ... [Extra]
  Szeto Yue-Wa ... [Extra]
  Lui Siu-Ming ... [Extra]
  Ho Chi-Moon ... [Extra]
  Kwok Bei-Dak ... [Extra]
  Lam Ngai ... [Extra]
  Patrick Ling Chi-Hung ... [Extra]
  Lam Foo-Wai ... [Extra]
  Chun Kwai-Bo ... [Extra]
  Choi Hin-Cheung ... [Extra]
  Unknown 90s Actor (11) ... [Extra]
  Chan Hon-Man ... [Extra]
Production Companies
  Golden Harvest Productions
  Johnny Mak Production Co. Ltd.
  Golden Harvest Productions (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Go Sin-Ming   Ting Hin-Lam   Lee Kwok-Yip
  Chan Wa   Lee Ying-Git (2)
Script Supervisor
  Lee Kwok-Yip
Director of Photography
  Peter Pau Tak-Hai
  Lee Tak-Shing
Best Boy
  Kan Wing-Cheung
Art Director
  Jassie Lam Chak-Chi
Assistant Art Director
  Terrance Chung Chi-Pang
Costume Designer
  Fung Shui-Lin
  Cheung Yuk-King
  Wong Lai-Kuen (2)
Hair Stylist
  Alex Kwan Chi-Kin
Special Makeup Artist
  Yap Kong Chong Yee
  Poon Hung
Props Master
  Chen Jih-Kang   Tommie Lee Wing-Hung
  Joseph Chan Wing-Leung
Car Stunts Director
  Bruce Law Lai-Yin
  Johnny Mak Tong-Hung
  Virginia Lok Yee-Ling
Production Manager
  Perry Chung Kwok-Kei   Ken Ng Chi-Ming
Assistant Production Manager
  Kwok Yuet-Kuen   Chan Yiu-Wing
Unit Manager
  Steven Ng Shing-Tat
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Showreel Film Facilities
  Kwong Wai-Hung
  Alexander Lee Chung-Keung
  Ho hates the life of being coerced by the gangs in Shantou, and decides to work for Fat Ball, the gang leader. Ho's courage and determination win him Ball's trust and his own foothold in the underworld. But when Ho's success threatens Ball, Ball tries to kill him. Injured in the attempt, Ho seeks revenge. He succeeds in putting Ball in jail and becoming the head of the underworld. At the same time, he becomes too arrogant to cooperate with anybody else. Finally, his followers betray him. The once king of the underworld has to live the remainder of his life in jail. [Rim Films Catalog]