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天長地久 (1993)
Days of Tomorrow
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Empire 
Genre: Romance 
Theatrical Run (HK): 08/05/1993 - 08/19/1993
Box Office: HK $9,600,943
  Jeff Lau Chun-Wai
  Jeff Lau Chun-Wai
Martial Arts Director
  Stephen Tung Wai
  Daniel Yu Wai-Kwok
  Andy Lau Tak-Wah ... Shing
  Jay Lau Kam-Ling ... Ling / Lily
  Carrie Ng Ka-Lai ... Nancy
  Yip San ... Sheung
  Hilary Tsui Ho-Ying ... Yan
  Henry Fong Ping ... Mr Lui
  Deanie Ip Tak-Han ... Ling's mother
  Lau Kong ... Lam
  Danny Poon Wang-Ban ... Ban
  Kenneth Chan Kai-Tai ... Movie star
  Chan Kwok-Pong ... Leung
  Lee Siu-Kay ... Keung
  Leung Wing-Lam ... Kid
  Lam Seung-Mo ... Sheung's lover
  Daniel Yu Wai-Kwok ... Movie director
  Kong Miu-Deng ... Ah Cheong (stuntman)
  Hon San    
  Kwok Tak-San ... Uncle Six
  So Wai-Nam ... Extra
  Lam Kwok-Kit ... Extra
  Jameson Lam Wa-Fan ... Extra
Production Company
  Teamwork Production House Limited
Filming Company
  Teamwork Production House Limited
  Newport Entertainment Co., Ltd (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Fruit Chan Goh   Bill Chan Wing-Biu   Ken Chan Hei-Ban
  Wong Yeuk-Wah   Jeng Wai-Guen (2)
Script Supervisor
  Chan Kai-Ming
Director of Photography
  Arthur Wong Ngok-Tai
2nd Unit Cinematographer
  Peter Ngor Chi-Kwan
  Andy Kwong Ting-Wo   Chow Lam   Billy Kwong Ting-Shu
Art Director
  James Leung Wah-Sing
Art Assistant
  Ko Chun-Wai   Ngan Chiu-Lun
  Amy Chan Mei-Kuen
  Cheng Wai-Fong
Hair Stylist
  Cheng Wai-Fong
  Patrick Tam Kar-Ming   Hai Kit-Wai
Editor's Assistant
  Wong Chau-On
  Yang Shih-Cheng
  Butt Yiu-Kwong
  Lowell Lo Koon-Ting   Stephen Shing Gam-Wing
Assistant Action Director
  Cheung Chi-Chuen (2)
  Lee Yun-Wa   David Lai Dai-Wai
Production Manager
  Peter Choi Chung-Gin
Associate Production Manager
  Aan Chiu-Shing   Hung Chi-Gwan
Assistant Production Manager
  Tung Wai-Ping   Mabel Au Mei-Bo
Unit Manager
  Lai Bing-Fai
Still Photographer
  Fong Wai-Hap
Tea Lady
  Au Sin-Yue
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Mandarin Recording Studio Ltd.
  Ronny Ching Siu-Lung
Cantonese Dialogue
  Lo Hung
  Salon Films (HK) Ltd.
  Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) Ltd.
  Fine Art Production Co.
  Most of the action is a long flashback concerning the life and loves of hot-tempered movie actor Shing and the many woman in his life, but one in particular, who is the natural mother of the narrator. Ling grew up in the same poor neighbourhood as Shing, and they hung around together for awhile. Nancy is a washed-up movie star, whom Shing lives with and lives off for awhile. Shing also spends some time living with Sheung. Ling wants to get into movies, and meeting rich producer Mr Lui is a big help. Ling changes her name to Lily, and comes up against Shing again on a movie set, which rekindles their earlier romance. However, Mr Lui is getting old, and proposes to Ling/Lily, but she becomes pregnant to Shing. Pressured by Lui, Ling/Lily begs Sheung (who had recently kicked Shing out of her home) to take care of her baby, who becomes the narrator in the present time.