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不文女學堂 (1994)
Screwball '94
Alias: 急色鬼
Origin: Hong Kong
Circuit: Mandarin-Rex 
Genres: Adult  Comedy 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 09/09/1994 - 09/14/1994
Box Office: HK $1,855,100
  Norman Chan Hok-Yan
  Philip Cheng Chung-Tai
  Jimmy Law Kwok-Keung
  James Wong Jim ... Tong Shi-Yi/Lustful Spirit
  Grace Wong Wai ... Principal Wong
  Dianna Wan Zi-Lin ... Grace
  Ricky Ho Pui-Tung ... Lee Pan Fei
  Dick Lau Tik-Chi ... Kent Lee
  Hui Pui ... Swallows Leo's hair
  Wong San (2) ... Tsang
  Jacky Chan Kin-Yat ... Big Brother
  Andrew Wu Ying-Kin ... Little Brother
  Ng Chin-Yan    
  Siu Sei    
  Yoyo Mung Ka-Wai ... Schoolgirl
  Ho Si-Wan    
  Joey Yeung Oi-Ching    
  Wong Hung ... Pervert at bus stop
  San Tak-Kan ... Pan Fei's father
  Ng Siu-Bo    
  Ng Kwok-Kin    
  Yiu Suet-Chuen    
  Fung Chi-Chung    
  Leung Kwong-Yue    
  Kant Leung Wang-Fat    
  Sunny Luk Kim-Ching    
  Choo Sung-Pong    
  Christopher Pollih ... Black basketball player
  Unknown 90s Actor (10)    
  Lee Ga-Hung (2) ... Gay
  Unknown 90s Actor (18)    
Production Companies
  Hong Hai Film Productions Ltd.
  Triumph Pictures Ltd.
Assistant Director
  Sunny Luk Kim-Ching   Kant Leung Wang-Fat
  Wong Po-Man
  Leung Kwai-San
Art Director
  Choo Sung-Pong
Costume Designer
  Wong Ching-Ching
  Ma Kam-Shim
  Law Wai-Kuen
Hair Stylist
  Ko Siu-Ping
  Cheung Kwok-Kuen
  Mak Bo-Gan
  John Wong Sai-Cheong
  Wong Hak-Hoi   Sit Ching-Hung
  Emily Siu Fuk-Ping
Production Manager
  Lai Ching-Po
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Mandarin Recording Studio Ltd.
  A teenage boy can't stop having wet dreams and waking up with a hard-on, to the chagrin of his staid parents. These dreams feature many of the girls in his school, but one most of all, a severe-looking lovely who is the head troublemaker among the girls. Who could help him relieve such torment ? Aladdin style, he frees a sex-mad and loudmouth ghost (James Wong) from a 400-year imprisonment, who provides some guidance and many laughs. For instance, to prove he is a ghost (and not an illegal mainlander), he makes the boy's parents "act strangely", that is, uncontrollably horny towards each other. But the ghost also has a mission. To atone for all his past philandering (featured in the great opening sequence), he must help his modern-day descendant to stop fooling around and settle down, and he has only limited time, else won't reincarnate. Ghost finds her, and she's the severe-looking lovely, so he goes about getting her together with the boy. Of course, this being a teen school film, there are silly characters and antics all over the place. The girls gang up on the guys and try to humiliate them, but the ghost "teaches them a lesson" (by making their skirts rise and their upper clothing vanish). Two brothers directly copy the shower scene from Porky's. There's a "sex maniac" (actually, a phantom boob-grabber) loose. Kent, a handsome school board director conspires with his wacky girlfriend to discredit the school's reputation, to sell it off for real estate. A girl (graphically) fantasises getting off with her pop star idol while on a gym horse. Kent's girlfriend goes undercover as a biology teacher, and gives the class an eye-popping sex education lesson. There's a basketball game, crucial to restoring the school's failing (in the face of Kent's efforts) reputation, where the students are slipped a potion which gives girls and uncontrollable urge to suck on the nearest phallic object, and the effect on guys just has to be seen not to be believed. The ghost manages to save the day, and even gets his descendant settled down, just in time to be reincarnated, but not quite to his satisfaction.......