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伴我同行 (1994)
One of the Lucky Ones
Alias: Stand by Me
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Newport 
Genre: Drama 
Theatrical Run (HK): 11/17/1994 - 01/20/1995
Box Office: HK $8,794,176
  Clifton Ko Chi-Sum
  Raymond To Kwok-Wai
  Koo Tin-Lung
  Wellington Fung Wing
  Alice Lau Nga-Lai ... Ching Man Fai
  Hui Fan ... Maid Wo
  Louisa So Yuk-Wah ... Ching Man Ching
  Ko Hon-Man ... Fai's father
  May Law Koon-Lan ... Fai's mother
  Chan Suk-Yee ... Fai's brother
  Lee Fung ... Fai's grandmother
  David Wu Dai-Wai (3) ... Lam Yu
  Chow Chi-Fai ... Reverend
  Teddy Yip Wing-Cho ... Kan
  Rocelia Fung Wai-Hang ... Jade
  Lo Fan ... One Eye Ying
  Hau Woon-Ling ... Fu Shan buyer of child musician
  Pang Hang-Ying    
  Koo Tin-Lung    
  Idris Ho Man-San    
  Chan Yuet-Yue ... Ms Leung
  Pauline Kwan Pui-Lam ... Fai's classmate
  Ellen Liu Oi-Ling    
  Yiu Gan-Man    
  Cho Man-Kong ... Neighbor Association's representative
  Hui Sze-Man ... Maid
  Edward Corbett ... British soldier
  Steve Brettingham ... Doctor
Production Company
  Media Asia Film Company Limited
Filming Company
  Spring-Time Cinema Limited
  Media Asia Film Distribution Company Limited (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Chu Yat-Hung   Rita Hui Nga-Shu
  Ching Man-Fai
  Sander Lee Ka-Ko
Focus Puller
  Lam Lai-Hing
  Chow Kim-Yin
Art Director
  Kung Kwok-Choy   Bill Lui Cho-Hung
Assistant Art Director
  Yung Hon-Ming
Image Supervisor
  Thomas Chong Chi-Leung
  Chan Sau-Ming
  Man Yue-Chan
Hair Accessories
  Tsang Yat-Ping
Editing Studio
  Centro Digital Pictures Ltd.
  Clifton Ko Chi-Sum
Assistant Editor
  Tony Yip Wing-Keung   Eric Kwong Chi-Leung
Props Master
  Wong Sai-Kit (2)
On-Set Sound Mixer
  Dennis Chen Chi-Kien
Boom Operator
  Lee Hing-Keung
  Lee Hon-Kam   Marco Wan Ho-Kit
  Ma Fung-Kwok   Clifton Ko Chi-Sum   Raymond To Kwok-Wai
  Koo Tin-Lung
Production Manager
  Louis Wong Chun-Kau
Associate Production Manager
  Cho Man-Kong
Assistant Production Manager
  Idris Ho Man-San
Unit Manager
  Leung Ching-Fai
Production Accountant
  Lee Suk-Fun
Still Photographer
  Idris Ho Man-San
Recording Studio
  Cinevision Productions Ltd.
  Cinerent Limited   Hong Kong 88 MV Equipment Limited
Optical Transfer
  Showreel Film Facilities
  Mandarin Laboratory (International) Ltd.   Technicolor U.K.
  Fine Art Production Co.
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  A true story based on a blind girl's determination to succeed in a "seeing" world. The author Lucy Ching had the privilege of meeting Helen Keller and it was Keller who inspired her to write a novel about her life experience. [Tai Seng Catalog] This is a dramatized autobiography of Lucy Ching Man-Fai, a blind memoirist and social worker who is known as the Chinese Helen Keller, of which her book is the same title as the movie. The movie begins during post World War II, circa 1948-1949 or so. Man-Fai, played by Alice Lau Ar-Lai is a blind girl trying to live a normal life. She is encourged tremendously by her maid Sister Wo, played brillantly by Hui Fan (for which she received a Best Actress Award nomination). However, the matriarch/grandmother of the family, (Law Koon-Lan) wants her to sell her and make her a songstress/beggar. But due to Man-Fai's perserverance, help from her brother and sister, and much help from her maid and a guy she meets at the radio station (David Wu), she manages to overcome all the stigma placed by the society of a blind girl. [summart by Yellow Hammer]