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深圳之虎驚世桃色劫 (1995)
Born to Be Wild
Alias: 驚世桃色劫之深圳之虎
Origin: Hong Kong
Circuit: Mandarin 
Genres: Adult  Action  Thriller 
Rating: II B (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 12/08/1995 - 12/21/1995
Box Office: HK $1,093,910
  Johnny Lee Kwing-Kai
  Lee Man-Choi
  Johnny Lee Kwing-Kai
Action Director
  Hon Chun
  Patricia Yew
  Chin Ho    
  Lee Lei    
  Farini Cheung Yui-Ling    
  Frankie Lam Man-Lung    
  Raven Choi Yip-San    
  Leung Gam-San    
  Wong Ching-Yee    
  Hung Kin    
  Alan Chan Kwok-Chi    
  Dennis Tang Chung-Kwan    
  Lau Tung-Ching    
  So Wai-Nam    
  Unknown 90s Actor (18)    
  Lam Kwok-Kit ... Extra
  Hon Chun ... Extra
Production Company
  Beetles Film Production House
  Mandarin Films Distribution Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  David Lai Wai-Meng   Dennis Tang Chung-Kwan
  Andy Kwong Ting-Wo
  Kwong Ting-Fong
Art Director
  Alan Chan Kwok-Gwong
  Choi Siu-Hing
  Tsoi Siu-Chun
  Charles Woo
  Chu Kwai-Fun   Ho Kim-Ho
  Barry Cheung Foo-Ling   Sam Leung Yiu-San
Action Designer
  Mandy Chan Chi-Man
  Alan Chan Kwok-Chi   Alan Chan Kwok-Gwong
Production Manager
  Thomas Leung Man-Lung
Still Photographer
  Tang Chak-Shun
Recording Studio
  Mandarin Recording Studio Ltd.
  Ng Kwok-Wah
  Vigorous ambition for wealth and material possession plague thelives of many who step off the train from various provinces in China to the newly industrialized city of Shenzhen. Three characters in this story clearly illustrate this point. [from the Tai Seng Catalog] Two money-minded girls who migrate to Shenzhen in search of men with money. They are attracted to two brothers, both cops, neither rich. One is a national kung-fu champion (and provides a few fairly good fight scenes) with a very bad temper, and the focus of his rage is Hongkies, who come to Shenzhen and steal local women with their money. The two girls work in bar, where they become concubines of a HK businessman. They later force this man to give them money, and plan to run away (with bad-tempered cop in tow), but bad-tempered cop stuffs up the plan by taking out his anti-HK rage on the businessman, in a fair copy of Jason from Friday the 13th. In the final scene, bad-temper and the elder girl (Farini) are on the run and living off the land. In one of the few tender moments of the film, he wakes up and can't see her. Then he spots her and asks "What are you doing ?". "Pissing" she replies, and proceeds to do just that. But the police are about to ambush them. Will the national champion make a final stand ?