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一個好人 (1997)
Mr. Nice Guy
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: English 
Circuit: Golden Harvest 
Genre: Action 
Rating: II A (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 01/31/1997 - 03/20/1997
Box Office: HK $45,420,457
  Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
  Edward Tang Ging-Sang
  Fibe Ma Mei-Ping
Martial Arts Directors
  Jackie Chan's Stuntmen Association
  Cho Wing
  Chua Lam
  Jackie Chan ... Jackie
  Richard Norton ... Giancarlo "The Saint" Luchetti
  Miki Lee Ting-Yee ... Miki
  Karen McLymont ... Lakeisha
  Gabrielle Fitzpatrick ... Diana
  Vince Poletto ... Romeo
  Barry Otto ... Baggio
  Sammo Hung Kam-Bo ... Cyclist
  Emil Chow Wah-Kin ... Ice cream vendor
  Joyce Godenzi ... Audience at cook show in mall
  Peter Houghton ... Richard
  Peter Lindsay ... Gronk
  David Will No ... Victor
  Rachel Blakely ... Sandy
  Judy Green ... Tina
  Stephan Friedrich ... Demon Gang member
  Jonathan Isgar ... Demon Gang member
  Steve Kahlua ... Demon Gang member
  Matt Meersbergen ... Demon Gang member
  Stuart Richie ... Demon Gang member
  Kyne Sedgman ... Demon Gang member
  Matt Trihey ... Demon Gang member
  Les Uzice ... Demon Gang member
  Karl Ajami ... Giancarlo's man
  Bradley James Allan ... Giancarlo's man
  Paul Andreovski ... Giancarlo's man
  David Baldwin ... Giancarlo's man
  Kerry Blakeman ... Giancarlo's man
  Marky Lee Campbell ... Giancarlo's man
  Terry Carter ... Giancarlo's man
  Dennis Lundin ... Giancarlo's man
  Tony Doherty ... Giancarlo's man
  Cameron Douglas ... Giancarlo's man
  Paul Douglas ... Giancarlo's man
  Stuart Ellis ... Giancarlo's man
  Mark Fitzpatrick ... Giancarlo's man
  Stuart Fraser ... Giancarlo's man
  Luke Michael Hammad ... Giancarlo's man
  Habby Heske ... Giancarlo's man
  Brent Houghton ... Giancarlo's man
  Richard Huggett ... Giancarlo's man
  Graham Jahne ... Giancarlo's man
  Chris Kemp ... Giancarlo's man
  Robert Lowe ... Giancarlo's man
  Frederick MacClure ... Giancarlo's man
  Douglas MacDonald ... Giancarlo's man
  Ian Mall ... Giancarlo's man
  Izeqiel McCoy ... Giancarlo's man / Pedestrian
  Mike Menzies ... Giancarlo's man
  Jason Murphy ... Giancarlo's man
  Michael Noonan ... Giancarlo's man
  George Novak ... Giancarlo's man / Distracted driver
  Grant Page ... Giancarlo's man
  Puven Pather ... Giancarlo's man
  Harry Pavlidis ... Giancarlo's man
  George Popovic ... Giancarlo's man
  Johnny Raaen ... Giancarlo's man / Distracted driver
  Joe Sayah ... Giancarlo's man
  Gary Shambrooke ... Giancarlo's man
  Vess Svorcan ... Giancarlo's man
  Davin Taylor ... Giancarlo's man / Fruit stall man
  Darko Tuscan ... Giancarlo's man
  Jade Weitering ... Giancarlo's man
  Chris Wilson ... Giancarlo's man
  Damon Young ... Giancarlo's man
  Aaron Notarfrancesco ... Sonny
  Jake Notarfrancesco ... Nancy
  Frederick Miragliotta ... Head NEA officer
  Nick Carrafa ... NEA agent
  Rod Catterall ... NEA agent
  Ben Mitchell ... NEA agent
  Mark Neal ... NEA agent
  Jerome Pride ... NEA agent
  Keith Agius ... Special Action Team leader
  Greg Jamieson ... Priest
  Matthew Dytynski ... Floor manager
  Lynne Murphy ... Baby sitter
  Salik Silverstein ... Cook Show director
  Nicholas Bufalo ... Passerby
  Andy Cheng Kai-Chung ... Pedestrian / Mall shopper / Fruit stall man
  Mars ... Pedestrian / Mall shopper / Flower stall man / Trucker / Din
  Nicky Li Chung-Chi ... Mall shopper / Construction worker
  Rocky Lai Keung-Kun ... Pedestrian / Flower stall man
  Chan Man-Ching ... Mall shopper / Fruit stall woman / Bookshop woman
  Shane Alexander ... Passerby
  Carla Bonner    
  Glen Chin Ying-Ming ... Man
  Dan Tucker ... Ken
  Chong Laap Duk Sai Moon    
Production Company
  Golden Harvest Entertainment Company Limited
Filming Company
  Golden Harvest Entertainment Company Limited
  Golden Harvest Entertainment Company Limited (Hong Kong)
First Assistant Director
  Lam Hak-Ming
Second Assistant Director
  Leung Kar-Yan   Sharon Lam Suk-Ching   Lemon Liu Yi-Man
Script Supervisor
  Fanny Lee Fan-Nei
  Raymond Lam Fai-Tai
2nd Unit Cinematographer
  Joe Chan Kwong-Hung
Focus Puller
  Patrick Lee Tin-Wai   Wong Man-Sing (2)
Art Director
  Horace Ma Kwong-Wing   Ambrose Chow Sai-Hung
Costume Designer
  Shandy Lui Fung-Shan
Assistant Costume Designer
  Ho Bik-Wan
  Poon Man-Wah
Hair Stylist
  Poon Man-Wah
  Peter Cheung Yiu-Chung   Yau Chi-Wai
Editor's Assistant
  Yau Chi-Wai
Props Master
  Leung Yui-Nung
Assistant Props Master
  Leung Yui-Tong
Sound Recordist
  Roger Savage   Gretchen Thornburn
Original Music
  Peter Kam Pau-Tat
Music Production
  C. A. M.
Theme Song Composer
  Fred Lui Sing-Fei
  Jackie Chan
  Simon Lo
Assistant Martial Arts Director
  Timmy Hung Tin-Ming
  Andy Cheng Kai-Chung   Mars   Nicky Li Chung-Chi
  Rocky Lai Keung-Kun   Chan Man-Ching   Kadet Lee Seung-Hoon
  Kerry Blakeman   Marky Lee Campbell   Terry Carter
  Dennis Lundin   George Novak   Cameron Douglas
  Puven Pather   Stuart Fraser   Johnny Raaen
  Gary Shambrooke   Vess Svorcan   Graham Jahne
  Davin Taylor   Chris Kemp   Darko Tuscan
  Jade Weitering   Izeqiel McCoy
Stunt Double
  Kadet Lee Seung-Hoon   Andy Cheng Kai-Chung   Mars
  Nicky Li Chung-Chi   Rocky Lai Keung-Kun   Chan Man-Ching
  Terry Carter
  Leonard Ho Koon-Cheung   Raymond Chow Man-Wai
  Dick Cho Kin-Nam   Barbi Taylor
Film Coordinator
  Johnathan Chow Chun-Tung
Production Manager
  Peggy Cheung Siu-Ping   Sylvia Liu Jing-Yi   Jose Chan
  Damon Chan Kwok-Wai
Still Photographer
  Fong Ho-Yuen
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Soundfirm Australia
Re-Recording Mixer
  Ian Mcloughlin   Roger Savage   Paul Pirola
Sound Effects Editor
  Gavin Myers
Post-Production Coordinator
  Simon Leung Chi-Wa
Post-Production Assistant
  Lee Kwok-Yip
Dialogue Coach
  Glen Chin Ying-Ming
  Atlab Queensland   Cine Art Laboratory Ltd.
Filming Location
  Reporter Diana films a drug deal and the murder of a local mobhead by a henchmen of Giancarlo. Giancarlo discovers Diana and orders the retrieval of the video, but the video accidentally falls into the hands of a TV program host Jackie. Jackie unknowingly puts the tape away and the video is taken by his friend Romeo's children. On the other hand, Giancarlo's henchmen uncover Jackie's whereabouts and begin the chase...... [Synopsis from Next Magazine]