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凶宅胭脂 (1998)
Beauty of the Haunted House
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genres: Adult  Ghost  Comedy 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
  Ka Ka
  Ka Ka
Martial Arts Director
  Wong San-Gwan
  Lee Kin-Hing
  Miyake Issei ... Anna
  Lee Yi-Ching ... Chanel
  Amuro Yuko ... Vivi
  Chan Sing (2) ... Eddie
  Suen Kwok-Ming ... Ho
  Philip Keung Hiu-Man ... Mr Taro
  Goo Wai-Jan ... Mr. Ai's wife
  Jacky Chan Kin-Yat ... Mr Ai
  Fei Fei (2)    
Production Company
  Fortune Star Films Co. (H.K.)
Assistant Director
  Lee Ping-Leung
  Paul Yip Pak-Ying   Cheung King-Lin
  Leung Wai-Hung (2)
Art Director
  Law Kwan (2)
Costume Designer
  Cheng Sau-Lai
  Si Yeuk-Yuk
  Jacky Leung Kwok-Wing
  Poon Wing-Cheong
Sound Recordist
  Ngai Lam Recording Studio
  Leung Ban (4)
Production Manager
  Ngok Fung   Ng Man-Chik
  The opening scene shows three drunk women getting sexy with each other on a boat, with a businessman and his Japanese agent looking on. The girls conspire to get the businessman excited so that he'll screw ViVi, his sexy secretary. The businessman is in trouble, and is offered help securing a loan from a Japanese bank, on condition that he sell the family mansion on Lantau Island. The tenant, his patriotic uncle, will only go out in a coffin. But the Japanese has photos of businessman and the three naked women, and uses them for blackmail. So businessman sends his son Eddie, and staff members Ho and Anna, to force the sale through. The house is haunted (naturally!) by mischievous ghost Chanel. Chanel was a pretty young whore whom Eddie's grandfather wanted to marry in the 1940s, and Chanel's ghost makes Eddie see visions from this time, when HK was under Japanese occupation. Ho and Anna are coy young lovers, but the ghost turns them into crazed sex maniacs. The uncle meets the Japanese banker's agent and immediately insults him, so Ho convinces Anna to do the dance of the seven veils for him. Mixed in with this, the businessman is being leaned on by his wife to sack his sexy secretary ViVi (who, among other fringe benefits, gives him headjobs under the desk), and the house reveals a dark secret connected with the war.