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蔡美蘭  ♀
Cammy Choi Mei-Lan

Filmography (1995-1996)
  Actor (5 films)
    Tragic Commitment (1995) ... Qian Li
    Candlelight's Woman (1995) ... Mainland prostitute
    Hong Kong Showgirls (1996)    
    Devil's Woman (1996) ... May Kwan Si-kei
    Rebekah (1996) ... Rebekah
  In the 1993 Miss Asia Pageant, Cammy Choi Mei-Lan won the award for being Most Photogenic. She parlayed that award into a role in the movie THE DEVIL'S WOMAN (NAM YEUNG DAI YUT CHE GONG). Oriental Daily recently obtained photographs of her kissing patrons at a nightclub suggesting that she has become a club girl.

Cammy Choi Mei-Lan met with the press to explain the photographs of her kissing a patron at a local night club. Choi stated that the kiss was a "birthday kiss" and that she is only a stage performer and not a club girl. Choi asked, "Do you have to write it up so it seems like I'm a club girl? I on the stage only at the night club. I'm not a club girl. I don't drink or sing with the patrons. When a patron says that they want to hear me sing, maybe I'll sit down and sing a song or a few bars with them. Does that count as being a club girl?" When asked about the kiss she explained, "the person said that it was his birthday so I gave him a birthday kiss to be polite. Besides, it was a kiss on the cheek and not on the lips. Is there a problem with that?" Choi laid blame for the incident on the mama-san at the establishment wanting to get some free publicity. Choi revealed she makes three appearances on stage each night for HK$9000 per night. In one month, she can make upwards of HK$270,000. - Sanney's hkentreview.com (Oct,1999)