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Chen Yi-Yun
Chan Yik-Wan,  Chen Yiyun
Born: December 25th, 1932 (China)
Filmography (1963-1995)
  Art Director (7 films)
    The Great River Flows On (1978)    
    Ormosia from the North (1984)    
    Gemstone Ring (1985)    
    The Dream of Red Mansions, Part 1 (1988)    
    Dream of Red Mansions - Part 2 (1988)    
    Blush (1994)    
    Happy Marriage (1995)    
  Art (2 films)
    Young Swallows Spread Their Wings (1963)    
    Xumao and His Daughters (1981)    
  Admitted to the Central Academy of Drama Department of Fine Arts in 1954. After graduation, assigned to the Beijing Film Studio in art design work.