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Hoh Kai-Wing
Ho Chi-Jung,  Ho Kai-Wing,  He Qi-Rong,  Ho Khee-Yong
Filmography (1950-1968)
  Producer (33 films)
    Mermaid of Hong Kong (1950)    
    Mist-Cloaked Hong Kong (1952)    
    A Cuckoo's Spirit (1954)    
    The Pretty Tigress (1955)    
    The Strange Adventures of a Strange Man (1956)    
    The Charm of a Million Flowers (1956)    
    General Kwan Seduced by Diaochan Under Moonlight (1956)    
    The Whispering Palm (1957)    
    Murder on the Beach (1957)    
    The Story of Her Life (1958)    
    Ah Chiu is Getting Married (1958)    
    Hollow Tree (1959)    
    Cui Ming Feng Jin Jia Sha (1960)    
    Deep in Love (1960)    
    My Intimate Partner (1960)    
    Creepy Nights (1961)    
    Adventures of Genius Boy (1961)    
    True Love (1962)    
    Story of Plum Blossom (1963)    
    Qiang Tou Ma Shang (1963)    
    Peprisal (1963)    
    Love Forever (1963)    
    The Heartbroken Flower (1963)    
    Dream Tryst in Peony Pavilion (1963)    
    In My Dream Last Night (1963)    
    Our Dream Finally Comes True (1964)    
    Jing Chai Ji (1965)    
    Sweetness of Love (1965)    
    Lost in Love (1965)    
    Love of Red Leaf (1966)    
    The Thief with Baby Face (1966)    
    Xue Ding-Shan Part 1 (1967)    
    The Love of the Red-Leaf (1968)