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Kwong Ning
Filmography (1948-1967)
  Sound Recordist (75 films)
    Waving Red Belt (1948)    
    Lui Tung-Ban's Three Tricks on White Peony (1949)    
    Death of a Beauty (1953)    
    Pigsy Takes a Wife (1953)    
    Blame It on Father (1953)    
    Unexpected Luck (1953)    
    Young Mother (1954)    
    We'll Be Together in Next Life (1954)    
    The Voyage of the Dead (1954)    
    How Law Buk Rescued His Mother (1955)    
    Mrs. Chen's Boat Chase (1955)    
    How Miss Su Thrice Tested the Scholarship of Her Bridgeroom (1955)    
    On the Hill of the Waiting Wife She Awaits Her Husband's Return (1955)    
    The Wife's Way (1955)    
    The Nine-finger Devil (1955)    
    The Blood-Stained Swords of Shaolin (1955)    
    The Three Tests of Yuk Tang-Chun (1955)    
    Punish the Unfaithful (1955)    
    Splitting the Magic Herb (1955)    
    The Pauper-Prince (1955)    
    Lady Red-Broom Elopes (1955)    
    Turning Up-side-down (1956)    
    The Thrice Delayed Wedding (1956)    
    A Country Girl Looks for Her Husband (1956)    
    Way to Stay Alive (1956)    
    A Brave Girl Avenges Her Husband's Death (1956)    
    Wang Zhaojun's Lute Song Touches the Emperor of Han (1956)    
    Wong Fei-Hung Rescues the Fishmonger (1956)    
    I'm in Love with an Unfaithful Man (1956)    
    How the Immortal Lu Dongbin Made a Fool of White Peony (1956)    
    The Eighth Miss Yang Advertises for a Husband (1956)    
    The Life of Zuo Song (1956)    
    Magistrate Kiu's Careless Matching (1956)    
    Wong Fei-Hung's Fight in He'nan (1957)    
    How Chan Kung Reprimanded Cho (1957)    
    Filial Son's Bridge in Guangdong (1958)    
    Ji Gong Sets the Fire on the Impenetrable Pi-pa Spirit (1958)    
    A Woman Searches For Her Husband (1958)    
    Phony Couple (1959)    
    A Sad Wedding Night (1959)    
    Magistrate on Trial (1960)    
    Marching Down the South (Part 1) (1963)    
    The Golden Arrow and the Silver Dragon (1964)    
    A Celebration of Spring (1964)    
    Three Tigers (Part 1) (1964)    
    Three Tigers (Part 2) (1964)    
    A Hero Is Born (Part 1) (1964)    
    A Hero Is Born (Part 2) (1964)    
    Half a Bed (1964)    
    Four Crazy Heroes (Part 1) (1964)    
    Assassination of the Prince (Part 1) (1964)    
    Assassination of the Prince (Part 2) (1964)    
    The Bride Who Lives Under the Staircase (1964)    
    The Skeleton Tower Under the Sea (Part 1) (1965)    
    Competing Heroes (1965)    
    The Skeleton Tower Under the Sea (Part 2) (1965)    
    Sword of Swords (1965)    
    A Brave Young Girl's Spirit (Part 1) (1965)    
    A Brave Young Girl's Spirit (Part 2) (1965)    
    Book Without Words (1965)    
    The Dark Heroine Mu Lanhua (1966)    
    How Master Cute Thrice Saved the Idiot Ming (1966)    
    The Golden Cup and the Wandering Dragon (1966)    
    The Golden Cup, the Wandering Dragon and the Decree to Kill (1966)    
    The Aftermath of a Fire (Part 1) (1966)    
    The Woman in Black and the Black Dragon (1966)    
    Uproar in Jade Hall (1967)    
    Who Should Be the Commander-in-Chief? (1967)    
    Lady in Black Cracks the Gate of Hell (1967)    
    She Is Our Senior (1967)    
    Making a Living in a Blind Way (1967)    
    Madame Lee Sze-Sze (1967)    
    Teddy Boy in the Gutter (1967)    
    Finding a Wife in a Blind Way (1967)    
    Every Girl a Romantic Dreamer (1967)