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狄克蘭度  ♂
Dick Randall
Irving Reuben,  Dick Randal
Born: March 23rd, 1926 (United States) - Died: May 14th, 1996
Filmography (1979-1983)
  Actor (2 films)
    Bruce Strikes Back (1982) ... U.S. ambassador
    Challenge of the Tiger (1983) ... Dick
  Producer (3 films)
    Giant Crocodile (1979)    
    Dragon Lee Fights Again (1981)    
    Bruce Strikes Back (1982)    
  Presenter (4 films)
    Little Master (1979)    
    Bruce the Super Hero (1979)    
    Jackie and Bruce to the Rescue (1981)    
    Challenge of the Tiger (1983)    
  Executive Producer (1 film)
    Bruce the Super Hero (1979)    
  Dick Randall, born Irving Reuben in New York, started out as a writer for acts like Milton Berle before going into film producing and distribution. He is more known for his "exploitation" films, working in various genres from softcore erotica to martial arts films. He died in London, England of a stroke at the age of 70, survived by wife Corliss Randall.