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井莉  ♀
Ching Li
Cheng Lee,  Jing Li
Born: October 29th, 1945 (Taiwan) - Died: December 9th, 2017

Filmography (1967-1987)
  Actor (66 films)
    The Thundering Sword (1967) ... Hau Er
    My Dreamboat (1967) ... Cheng Shiang Yi
    King Cat (1967) ... Chin Hua
    Mist Over Dream Lake (1968) ... Chang Ling Yun
    When the Clouds Roll By (1968) ... Xiong Su Su
    Twin Blades of Doom (1969) ... Yin-erh
    Twelve Deadly Coins (1969) ... Yu Yung/Yuan Rung Er
    Ripples (1970) ... Ah Hsiang
    Double Bliss (1970) ... Li Mingzhu (Li Ming-Chu)
    The Secret of the Dirk (1970) ... Liu Ming-Chu
    Mission Impossible (1971) ... Huo Xiao-Fen
    The Anonymous Heroes (1971) ... Pepper/Hung Yin Fung
    Duel of Fists (1971) ... Yu Lan
    Sunset (1971) ... Huang Xiao-Ping
    The Angry Guest (1971) ... Yu Lan
    The Boxer from Shantung (1972) ... Chin Lin Chi (Jin Lingzi)
    Finger of Doom (1972) ... Clan's long-haired lady [unfinished first version]
    The Deadly Knives (1972) ... Guan Yue Hua
    Man of Iron (1972) ... Chen Chu-Fung/Shen Ju-Fang
    Intrigue in Nylons (1972) ... Helen Tse
    Four Riders (1972) ... Song Hua
    Tales of Larceny (1973) ... 1) Daughter at festival
    The Blood Brothers (1973) ... Mi Lan
    Na Cha and the Seven Devils (1973) ... Yue Hua
    The House of 72 Tenants (1973) ... Ah Heung
    Heroes of the Underground (1973) ... Dpy Commander Wang Ling
    Sex, Love and Hate (1974) ... Zhu Dai
    Hong Kong 73 (1974) ... Chow Yuk Fong
    Sorrow of the Gentry (1974) ... Ya Tong
    Lover's Destiny (1975) ... Chen Feng-Shian
    The Big Holdup (1975) ... Zifen
    Killer Clans (1976) ... Hsiao Tieh, Sun Yu's daughter
    The Magic Blade (1976) ... Chiu Yu Cheng
    The Web of Death (1976) ... Hong Susu
    The Forbidden Past (1976) ... Julie
    Judgement of an Assassin (1977) ... Miss Sek
    The Sentimental Swordsman (1977) ... Lin Xian Er
    Third Prince Na Cha (1978)    
    Clan of Amazons (1978) ... Xue Bing
    Legend of the Bat (1978) ... Lau Mo Meng
    Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (1978) ... Princess Chiu Ming
    Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, Part II (1978) ... Princess Chiu Ming
    Swordsman and Enchantress (1978) ... Mrs. Lian/Chen Bijun
    Murder Plot (1979) ... Zhu Qi Qi
    Fight for Glory (1980) ... Lung Cher
    Disco Bumpkins (1980) ... Celina
    The Convict Killer (1980) ... Shang Lin
    Haunted Tales (1980) ... 1) Ya-Li
    Bat Without Wings (1980) ... Szma Dongcheng
    Shi Dian Yan Luo (1981)    
    The Imperial Sword Killing the Devil (1981)    
    Return of the Sentimental Swordsman (1981) ... Lin Shiyin
    The Sword Stained with Royal Blood (1981) ... Wen Yi
    The King of Gambler (1981)    
    Consolidated Dougherty (1981)    
    The Casino (1981) ... Shih-chieh's wife
    The Duel of the Century (1981) ... Leng Chingchiou
    The Brave Archer Part III (1981) ... Auntie Ying/Lady Liu
    Da Shou Wang (1982)    
    The Stunning Gambling (1982)    
    Raiders (1982)    
    Bloody Mission (1982) ... White Lotus
    The King of Gambler II (1983) ... [Footage from THE KING OF GAMBLER]
    The Roving Swordsman (1983) ... Bu Yan-Fei
    Shaolin and Wu Tang (1983) ... Yue Lam
    Ninja, the Violent Sorceror (1987) ... [STUNNING GAMBLING footage]
  Daughter of actor Ching Miao.

Ching Li started acting in Taiwan at the age of 6. In 1967, she joined Shaw Brothers and quickly became one of Shaw's bright new darlings of films with a large male following. Ching did such an outstanding job in her first film "My Dream Boat", a film based on a novel by Qiong Yao, that she landed a lead role in "When the Clouds Roll By" which launched her into superstardom. Her father, Ching Miao, famous actor, was a good friend of legendary director Chang Cheh. She also had a long list of movies like "The Anonymous Heroes", "Duel of Fists", "Boxer From Shantung" and "Blood Brothers" all supported Chang's observation that she had the natural good looks suitable for period and contemporary films, a rare asset for Hong Kong actresses. Besides Chang Cheh, she was also director Chu Yuan's favorite leading lady. Chu cast her in over 20 films in a wide variety of roles like in the comedy "The House of 72 Tenants" (1973's highest grossing film in Hong Kong outdoing Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon"), the hit dramas "Sex Love And Hate" and "Sorrow of the Gentry", and a series of martial art affairs like "Killer Clans", "The Magic Blade" and the ground breaking swordsman film "Return of the Sentimental Swordsman".

From the Celestial DVD release of "Man of Iron".