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張一湖  ♂
Jang Il-Ho
Chang I-Hu,  Cheung Yat-Woo,  Zhang Yi-Hu,  Chang Il-Ho
Born: 1926 (South Korea) - Died: 2009

Filmography (1968-1980)
  Director (11 films)
    The International Gold Bar Incident (1968)    
    Orchid, the Songstress (1968)    
    Bloody Sword (1972)    
    The Deadly Knives (1972)    
    The Thunderbolt Fist (1972)    
    The Iron Man (1973)    
    A Dark Noctilucous Ball (1974)    
    Black Hair (1974)    
    Night of the Devil's Bride (1975)    
    Tattoo (1976)    
    Great Escape from Women's Prison (1976)    
  Writer (1 film)
    The Iron Man (1973)    
  Props (1 film)
    The Story of Murim Wicked Man (1980)    
  The renowned Korean director was active in productions throughout the Greater China. He had helmed various China-Korea co-productions and his works ad been released theatrically in Taiwan. He helmed the martial arts film "The Thunderbolt Fist" for Shaw Brothers in the 1970s.

From the Celestial DVD edition of "The Thunderbolt Fist".