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歐陽佩珊  ♀
Susanna Au-Yeung Pui-San
Ou-Yang Pei-Shan,  Susanna Au-Yeung,  Auyang Pei-Shan,  Au-Yeung Pui-Shan,  Au-Young Pui-Sun,  Au-Yeung Pooi-Saan,  Yang Pei-Shan,  Chen Jie-Ying,  Ou-Yang Pei-Shan,  Chan Kit Ying,  Auyang Pei-San
Born: December 6th, 1953 (Hong Kong) - Died: July 9th, 2017

Filmography (1970-1999)
  Actor (25 films)
    Fairy of King Fa (1970)    
    In the Nick of Time (1971)    
    The Mighty Couple (1971) ... Hsiao Yue-Liang
    The Mad Killer (1971) ... Lin Yan-Ping
    The Hand (1973)    
    The Awaken Punch (1973) ... Jun Suen
    The Black Friday (1973) ... Aw Lin-Lin
    The Black Belt (1973) ... Judy Juan
    Too Young (1974)    
    Don't Call Me Uncle (1975)    
    The Winner Takes All (1975)    
    Enjoy Longevity-300 Years (1975)    
    The Delivery (1975) ... Li Hsiang-Yun
    On Probation (1977)    
    Last Strike (1977) ... Lee Choi-Wan
    Spiteful Women (1978)    
    Worldly Foursome (1979)    
    The Proud Twins (1979) ... Mu Yung Ching (Green Fairy)
    The Struggle (1980)    
    Bat Without Wings (1980) ... Lei-feng/Ximen Luoye
    The Bund (1983)    
    The Bund Part II (1983)    
    The Roving Swordsman (1983) ... Bai Bing
    Crime Story (1993) ... Sum Yue, Fei's wife
    What a Hero (1999) ... Li Hsiang Yun [Footage from THE DELIVERY]
  Well-known and admired TV and film actress and singer. Legendary for her role as Huang Rong on the 1983 TVB series "Return of the Condor Heroes". Married to Samuel Kwok Fung. In 1993 she left the performance industry to study Chinese medicine. She became a qigong acupuncturist and taught apprenticeships in Hong Kong.