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南水晶  ♀
Nam Soo-Jeong
Nam Sui-Ching,  Nam Soon-Joung,  Nan Shui-Jing,  Nam Su-Jung,  남수정,  Im Yeong-Sook,  임영숙,  Im Yeong-Suk
Born: October 23rd, 1952 (South Korea)

Filmography (1973-1978)
  Actor (6 films)
    Wind from the East (1973) ... Jin-hwa (Madam)
    The Fierce One (1974) ... Madame Hwang
    Magic Curse (1975)    
    Great Escape from Women's Prison (1976)    
    Four Infernos to Cross (1978)    
    The Mark of the Black Dragon (1978)