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元振  ♂
Won Jin
Kim Won-Jin,  Yuen Jan,  김원진,  원진
Born: December 8th, 1962 (South Korea)

Filmography (1981-2006)
  Actor (12 films)
    Hitman in the Hand of Buddha (1981) ... Young Pickpocket
    Dreadnaught Rivals (1982) ... Shaolin Waiter / Gambling Stall Fighter
    Duel of Ultimate Weapons (1983) ... Seub-deuk's Buddy
    The Undertaker in Sohwa Province (1983)    
    Thunder Kids: Golden Adventure (1989) ... Tek-Ti / Yong [BRAVE TRIO footage]
    To Catch a Thief (1991)    
    Saviour of the Soul II (1992) ... Kidnapper Goblin
    Operation Scorpio (1992) ... Sonny Wang
    Hero from Beyond the Boundary of Time (1993) ... Yuen Chun
    Women on the Run (1993) ... King Kong
    China Strike Force (2000) ... Lee, the waiter assassin
    No Problem 2 (2002) ... Invincible
  Action Director (1 film)
    My Wife Is a Gangster 3 (2006)    
  Assistant Martial Arts Director (1 film)
    Seoul Raiders (2005)    
  Skilled in taekwondo and wushu.

Won Jin also worked on the following films:

Undertaker in Sohwa Province (Korea; 1983) [Actor]
Brave Trio (Korea; 1988) [Actor]
Super Hong Kil-dong 3 (Korea; 1989) [Actor]
Doofus Detective and Twin Light Brothers (Korea; 1989) [Actor]
Korean Boy (Korea; 1991) [Actor]
Trio Stars (Korea; 1991) [Actor]
Gate of Destiny (Korea; 1996) [Action coordinator]
High-grade Player (Korea; 1997) [Actor]
My Wife is a Gangster (Korea; 2001) [Stunt coordinator]
Boss X File (Korea; 2002) [Action coordinator]
Emergency Measure 19 (Korea; 2002) [Action coordinator]
Four Toes (Korea; 2002) [Action coordinator]
My Wife is a Gangster 2 (Korea; 2003) [Stunt coordinator]
Crazy Assassins (Korea; 2003) [Action coordinator]
Sword in the Moon (Korea; 2003) [Action coordinator]
Who's Got the Tape? (Korea; 2004) [Action coordinator]
Ahn Jung-geun (Korea; 2004) [Action coordinator]
Scarlet Letter (Korea; 2004) [Action coordinator]
Sunday Seoul (Korea; 2005) [Action coordinator]
Almost Love (Korea; 2006) [Actor, action coordinator]
My Wife is a Gangster 3 (Korea; 2006) [Action coordinator]
Beautiful Sunday (Korea; 2007) [Action coordinator]